Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012

'tis the goddamn season!

Fuck yeah it's Christmas and I'm happy as fuuuuck about it. In Germany we don't really have Thanksgiving so there's only one occasion where every goddamn familymember comes to your house to piss on your parade for having done stuff wrong after having been pissed on by your own family for not doing that exact stuff or, even worse, having done it wrong! I love the incredible mood and warm tingly feeling inside of me that I get when I want to choke someone with the goddamn holiday lights because they think the tree should be tilted just a little bit to the left. To be fair though I do kind of enjoy Christmas as an idea and I like the mood that you get in when you buy gifts in a thoughtfull manner and the faces of people that wished for "nothing" this year but get something completely unexpected that has an emotional connection to them. I'm the type of gifter who listens to you your entire life just to pull out that one dollhouse that you always wanted but never quite got when you were ten years old and everyone on earth should try to be that guy too.
Everyone on earth should try to be me because, let's face it, I'm amazing and much better at everything than you will ever be.

To see the original NSFW Comic, plase follow this link.


P.S.: Don't let them get you down, deep inside they like you and you know that you have to like them too you're basically contractually obligated to like them by your birth certificate that states that you came out of that man's and that woman's sexual organs.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I did not write this weeks comic

I think it'S kind of evident inthe approach this comic takes that i didn't write it, but a fun fact is that I haven't even played Journey either. I've heard a lot about the liberties that both Dear Esther and Journey take in storytelling and I am very much interested in them but recently I haven't played through a game that much and I don't know why either it just isn't my thing these days. I will pick up Journey though because as far as Indie games go this year might've been a crowning achievement for storytelling in them, Mcpixel proved that you don't need to make sense to make sense, Thomas was alone proved that you don't need to see a character to feel for them and Journey apperently taught us that not every human being is a dick. That last part seems very farfetched though.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Why are there so many Zombies these days?

 I am a little late with todays comic but I watched the third Batman movie(again) the past two to three hours so I'd advise you not to take a fight with me right now! I must say, the second time watching this movie it loses a lot of the problems I had with it, the characters I didn't like the first time watching this weren't actually so bad when you got enough time to think about them and follow them with a little more knowledge and the characters who were good the first time around were just as awesome this time. One thing I have to ask everyone who watched this movie is this though, why the fuck does the nuclear REACTOR(it's not intended to be a bomb) have a friggin timer on it that says when it's gonna blow up? Yeah Bruce Wayne knew that the thing COULD explode but he didn't intend that for the thing. -adios,D.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

You can keep your inconsistencies

I haven't played either Revelations or assassins creed 3 yet so I would have no idea if Rebecca or Desmond die in those. Keep your mouth shut about their deaths or the ends of their storylines though because I'm very much planning on playing both those games, I just haven't bought them yet. I really liked the idea behind todays comic because the way that Assassins Creed basically works is just throw cool things at people and make them learn something while doing so, namely that every major historical assassination has been done by the same goddamn person. Seriously was Desmond Judas in one of his earlier lives? Did he kill Jesus because he was secretly a mormon? Oh god now I actually feel like that's the plottwist at the end of Ass Ass Creed 3...heh ass.

-adios,D. P.S.: I have no idea how to edit the text on the top with the new changes...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Women's wrongs

Now we heard a whole lot about how great women are in the past few years and it's all fun until the fat lady starts getting a reality tv show showing her and her chubby ass little kid but if we are all quite honest we have to adress one thing: Women are crazy and their bodies even more so. Thus I present to you todays comic filled with my own hatred towards that lingering thought in any woman's and parent's mind: I am cold and thus everyone else must be cold so they need to heat up! This thought occured to me recently as I was outside for a few hours with my father and I must admit that the weather was pretty cold but I had a shitton of clothes on so the word cold was just a memory hidden deep inside of my mind under pullover over pullover that held my body warm in this sweet cocoon of warmy goodness, and what does every woman around me instantly say? You must be cold!You should put on a scarf. If I was cold I would put on a scarf but there is no reason IN THE ENTIRETY OF HISTORY that makes you girls feeling cold give ME incentive to wear a scarf. The temperature of your body is not regulated through mine women of the world!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

I lied

Did I say I was gonna be funny this week? Because I wasn't gonna be funny this week y'know, I just wanted to set up for something big actually but that is far in the future and NEXT week I promise much much much more funny. Honestly though guys I really like this weeks comic and on that note I watched the new Spiderman on DVD today and also Dark Shadows. The note here is the I really like this part of the last sentence because honestly, Dark Shadows got a lot of shit but it was pretty darn funny and had a very interesting love story in it and Spiderman, at least in my opinion, was more interesting than the first three movies.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Planned in advance

Hah I was all like oh look at this new character and you believed me and now Striking Logic is actually our neighbour! was going kind of a different aproach in these past few comics with some more serious writing and some more storydriven things, while keeping a certain amount of humor but don't be afraid, that was just this arc I'm going back to very very silly stuff on the next few comics. I haven't been particularly funny recently for some reason but I promised myself to put more time into the comic and things surrounding the comic and you know how good I am at keeping promises and not procrastinating things!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Foreign languages are hard

I had to look up the word counterquestion for todays comic and I'm still not sure if it is the right word but it's a weird situation where you are pretty darn good at a language and have a rather sizable vocabulary but then when a word comes around that is rather commonly used but very situational then you do notice that you aren't a native speaker. Now two little exercises for you guys out there who actually read these, try to tell me if the word counterquestion is actually correct and if it is think about any language that you speak other than english and tell me what counterquestion means in that language.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

I should start naming the comics myself

As everyone in the entire universe can tell just by one look at the way I use my walk( I'm a womans man, no time to talk~~~) I am lazy as all hell, and so it happens that every other solar eclipse( those things happen fucking often) Philip misreads something that I should've explained in the first place or names a comic mortal combat that is centered around my favourite fighting game which, as you all might know, is not Mortal Kombat. It isn't fucking Street Fighter either so the ingenious evil bastard Louis got what he wanted once again. I can't help but wonder why I write one of my best friends in the entire world as a witty and charming asshole that pretty much does everything better than my character simply by having no remorse, I even fear that one of these days he's gonna get that milk he asked for in an earlier comic and that will probably lead to complete world domination.
Can you even imagine a world ruled NOT by me? It would be coherent, WHO WANTS THAT?!

-adios, D.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rohrschach test

Manipulating Philip is a task best fitted to anyone who has half a brain really. Write the word red into your comic and Philip immediately associates russians and even more so Ivan Drago. I'll try not to go on a tangent here abouthow amazing the Rocky movies are and how stupid Philip is for not liking them and instead I'll just applaud the non pixelation of our comic today. Looks like we made it!(queue music) Now seriously though next week shit is going DOWN between me and Rob, like, really dirty shit. Also he's not a russian he's just in the red corner and he's vilanized because I write the comic and everyone who opposes me gets fucked by my pen.


P.S.: In de butt...I stick my pen there....just puttin that out there.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A very sad day for e-sports

Yesterdays was supposed to be part of the quarterfinals in the League of Legends and it would've all been fine if it hadn't been for the immense amount of internet issues that Riot has had yesterday. Now I do realise that a lot of you people probably never played LoL and don't give a shit about it's e-sports event, now here's the point where this gets interesting! First off the prize money for first price in this tournament is a goddamn million dollars, so yeah, it's kind of a big deal when you lose because of technical issues, and secondly it was RIGHT at the part where a team was storming the goddamn base and now they'll have to have a rematch because the game just fucking broke. Let me explain this in other terms, imagine a soccer game that has gone on for 87 minutes now and one team is up front 5-0. Well they fucking won this game congrats to everyone, but what is that in the sky? Is that a fucking tornado?!Okay everyone get in your cars and drive away as fast as you can! we'll have these teams have a rematch tomorrow! Well wow why would I ever do that if I was the 5-0 team? And fact of the matter is it isn't as obvious in League of Legends, the game isn't over until the base gets stormed, so yeah this is kind of a big deal for the supposedly winning team, and that team is my favourite goddamn team.


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is out

My favourite game in my favourite genre just came out and I bought a copy, WHY AM I EVEN HERE RIGHT NOW?!

So who's digging the new pixelated style? It isn't related to missing time due to loads of gaming and work and some laziness AT ALL. It's actually an elaborate scheme to make the reveal of roberts final design a lot more awesome.

That's of course a lie,do you really think Philip could make a scheme?He sometimes forgets to wear pants for gods sake.


P.S.:I like to forget my pants too, a pantsless life is a good life as Gandhi once said.

P.S.S.:What do you mean Ghandi never said that?!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Love'em or hate'em

There's always these controversial things in life like movies being good, enjoyably bad or just plain bad, music and the different types of it and then there's people...generally speaking a lot of people have agreed on one fact: we humans kinda suck! And if you hate every human equally you can viably explain racism as part of your personal daily agenda. I like this take on humanity of course sometimes more than other times because it gives me the chance to make hateful comments in a childish joking manner while actually really hating the person that I'm bashing at that particular moment but that is all fun and games and just general dismay towards humanity, what really hits us is this one guy, this one Melvin Purvis to our John Dillinger, this JFK to our mafia and of course this Winston Churchill to our Hitler, and we hate that person, not because he deserves it but because he is our antithesis. Well...I think I found a real friend in Robert already...


P.S.: Why was I the bad guy in all of those analogies? Because I described myself as a hate and spiteful being there.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


There is a certain part in every gamers heart that pumps blood in a certain rythm, that part is the center of all that is fanboy, and we really truly all have it. There are four things that I myself get worked up over if something says or does something related to it. I fucking hate casual games because playing with friends only works in sports, only playing against them is the true mark of a gamer(has changed over the recent games but partygames usually mean something like well having a party and that's really pushing the social acceptiveness of us gamers!) secondly I LOVE Kingdom Hearts and will defend it to the goddamn death thirdly as someone who started gaming with consoles I will take them over Pc's EVERYday and fourthly and the reason for todays comic is, I am a Sony Fanboy and think that XBOX is the entirely worst console of our generation. I have reasons for that but...oh well I don't feel like explaining as I am a little sick.


P.S.: Ironically Philip is sick too which explains the graphics of todays comic.I kinda like my face here though.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

New neighbours new shenanigans

I'd usually go about my weekly routine and write a very long text here that no one reads anyway but this week I'll only make a promise:

Our new NEIGHbour will not be a horse.

Yes thank you thank you I know I'm the funniest guy ever yeah I'm here all week and I give autographs too and yes I'll have sex with all the groupies after the show thanks, no don't stand up I don't need standing ovations for that joke.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

A little late on this

Yes I do realise that curiosity has been on mars for quite some time now but to be honest I just had so many things I wanted to write about before that and I didn't particularly care about it in the first place. The big factor in making this comic was that Philip made it and I find it to be quite entertaining and that Neil Armstrong died which I thought deserved some form of space related shenanigans. Now while I do see the great achievement in Curiosity and I do understand what posibilities it may hold for us I also feel that exploring space should be put AFTER exploring ourselves and we know less about the human brain and the ocean than we do about the space isn't that kind of sad?


Sunday, August 26, 2012

A legitimate Gamescom article

I'm trying to get some kind of seriousness into my writing so today I'll write an actual article about how I personally experienced Gamescom. First off I'd like to point out that I didn't actually visit most of the booths because the lines were ridiculously long I mean who waits in a line for three hours for Resident Evil 6 when this game can clearly only let you down after the insanely good marketing behind it so far? I enjoyed every single trailer of RE 6 so intensely much that actually playing part of the game would just make me feel bad. A new trend also has seemingly arisen in these booths of recording how people react to what they see and putting it online into a stream, I have yet to see one of said streams but every booth had a sticker on it saying that this is being streamed live online somewhere and somehow. In one of the other areas there was a huge bunch of people gathering around a League of Legends moniter and a Starcraft monitor both having some tournaments shown on them that I really enjoyed. I like the state that pro-gaming is getting to and I really hope that people keep getting to the conclusion that it can be an insane amount of fun watching others play and be this good at it. Most of the things were really interesting and nicely arranged ranging from american game developers to more asian ones then to distributors such as steam and leading into the hall for progaming, above all that were some places for food and the meetingplace for most of the cosplayers though I didn't quite get how some animebased cosplays justify for the Gamescom considering that it is enterly based on gaming and just because there are Narutogames out there doesn't mean you all have to wear an Akatsuki mantle. The two things I couldn't touch in todays comic that were problems to me though have to be stated here first: Who the fuck stands 4 hours in a line for FIFA 2013?! I get the fun behind the game I really do but it's a game you play at home with friends so where'S the fun in anonymously playing it alone after 4 hours of wait while there are no big developments to be had in that genre?And my second problem: Why the hell didn't I go up to that cute cosplayer girl?I saw her three time MAN UP ALREADY T-T

-sorry for the length of todays article but thats how I roll,D.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Prometheus spoiler alert

I never was a big fan of the whole Alien series and thus I have no clue what the FUCK is going on in todays comic but I kinda have the feeling that this is Philip being silly in making a comic. I was low on creativity this week and thats why Philip didn't like the comic I wrote and made his own but whenever he does that it's more or less li-BWAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Sorry, didn't mean to do that but apperently it's a character trait of mine...So I was at Gamescom this week and saw a lot of stuff and all the funny parts are gonna be written into a comic for this week but I can say one thing, my god does one have to wait loooong in lines to get to see games....jesus.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Where we started

The idea if this comic started basically with the character of Greg. Philip once drew Greg for a competition and I thought hey why don't we make that into a comic? We soon found out that the idea of the death in a webcomic was not really our most original idea ever BUT it did make us write and publish this come and up to this day I think we had a rather steep but fullfilling learningcurve and I hope we both get better at what we're doing. I recently tried to catch the essence of this comics idea more and that's why we've been seeing the evil side of Greg more and more but at least it still has to do with baby kittens so it's fine.


P.S.: I pretty much had this exact situation with Philip recently just that it was about Rollercoaster tycoon, that kid is SICK.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I love doing this

Every now and then I just get in the mood for something really dark mean grim with some sort of merit and political enthusiasm and this comic came to me at that kinda time. I really very much enjoyed writing this because I felt that this is greg at his finest, he's the death after all is said and done so if you die after falling from the tenth story of a goddamn house and you land with your ass on a fire hydrant, well he's the one who'll collect the pieces. Picture that right before you go to sleep today please.


Friday, August 3, 2012

New schedule

From today onwards we shall change our schedule to every Sunday, sooooo I shall now stop this post since i will post something on Sunday anyway, here's a filler picture for this weeks Friday. I've been told that the signs on there mean I have a job and you don't. I was told that by my subconcious.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Laziness the key to success

Philip had one of his wisdom teeth removed on wednesday and he didnt feel able to draw todays comic so INSTEAD I got to attend to that problem. Well my initial idea was a comic of epic proportions like the last supper or something of that magnitude BUT my awesomeness is not omnipotent as some of you MAY know by now and I can't draw for shit sooooo I thought what is the laziest thing I could do? Aside from not post of course because Philip would try to kill me then,notice that he is weaker than me and commit honourable seppukku. So here's todays comic, it's inside your head!

-I'm so witty sometimes,Deniz.

P.S.:Next week he gets another wisdom tooth removed but I actually have something prepared for that case and it involves some actual work that I have to do, till then adios.

Friday, July 13, 2012


Are people seriously pumped over the new Spiderman movie? I mean I do realise that Spidey is a fan favourite and don't get me wrong here, I LOVE Spiderman, he's probably one of my favourite superheroes of all time but goddamnit Joseph Gordon levitt, Christian Bale and fucking Tom hardy?! I'm sold man, I don't care if they wrestle naked or make a Batman movie, I have to see it. Please do me a favour and don't ask which of these two things I'd rather watch....


P.S.: I'm gonna watch Spiderman some day but it just doesn't get the same excitement from me as Tom hardy playing the scariest villain from the Batman stories. Yes the scariest, if you read into it Bane is smart AND strong, the old movie doesn't even remotely do him justice.

Friday, July 6, 2012

I deserve this

I should've expected nothing less than having my mother being insulted when I make Philip write the comic for one week. I've been doing so many your mom jokes recently that it's almost neccesary to have karma kick me in the balls every once in a while. Other news though are that today Philip and me are gonna get our final final final FINAL score sheets from school so I guess schools out forever eh? Now I know that there's some people from my school that read this comic every once in a while and some rare specimen actually do read my posts and to those guys...thanks. For all the years in school that you made so much more interesting through your little quirks idiotic remarks and general being dumber than me. I love you guys, some more or less, have a great life and keep going!
And towards Philip: If you stop working with me I'll tell the cops about your basement...juuust sayin.


P.S.:Just kidding I love Philip too NO HOMO.

Friday, June 29, 2012

The evolution of apocalypse

To clarify things right away here, no one asked me about my political ideas and no one gives two shits about my two cents about matters but listening to the whole thing going on in the news for some reason my first thought was: nazis on dinosaurs. A normal human would think nazis on dinosaurs are enough but no, we here at unlimitedammo take it upon ourselves to change the way people see ridiculous ideas by making them even more over the top and stupid and thus i present you people on nazi dinosaurs! Needless to say that the geniuses who brought you nazi dinosaurs will keep up their work at inventing hilariously stupid concepts such as the hammer behind glass that needs a hammer to break which is behind...I think you know what I'm getting at.


Friday, June 22, 2012

From the phones of,well,me

Typing with the mobile phone is not really my forte but i'll try to cope by saying that i am proud and then making louis write the rest of the post so here goes:
Blaaaaargh i'm insane bitches imma firing mynlazors shoopdawhooop!!! No srysly im just a random dude and i don't know what ti write coz i got zero expirience with this so... I guess have fun with the comic?

Friday, June 15, 2012

A comic without teenage mutant ninja (alien) turtles

Once every thousand centuries the stars align and cows start singing songs about babies getting killed by a man with a huge scythe in the first two circles of hell and when that time comes then there is a joke I MAKE that PHILIP thinks is too silly to make into a comic and behold for that time has come. I wanted to have master splinter kick Gregs mom while three of us pulled out what we're pulling out in todays comic and philip tell him to stop that. OH WELL you'll never see that comic now.
I do admit my idea was rather silly but it gave me a reason to put teenage mutant ninja turtles in the title to whore out for potential google hits.
Everything went better than expected.


Friday, June 8, 2012

Violence is not the answer

It wasn't actually my intention to portray myself in a more reasonable fashion than the others but I just have the feeling that the other characters in the comic are alot more attracted to violence than I am. I've done a test about which level of hell I'd be in(it's in the header, go do it and post your results in the comments!) and aside from my rather strict attitude against most forms of religion there isn't anything particularly "evil" about me really so I suppose giving the logical solution to our problem here would probably be like me in a way.
Philip would blow shit up if he could.
No really, don't give that kid any explosives, he'd go GTA on your asses.
Make a plane spawn right above you and kersplash,that's the kinda guy he is.


Friday, June 1, 2012

For he's a jolly good fellow!

Today we are celebrating Philip's birthday(it was on the 28th of this month if you didn't realise it yet!) and thus I am at his place with the guy from two comics ago and someone who is sadly too unimportant to be cameo'd in our comic(awww). As this day marks his 19th year in the world(plus minus two days,no one really counts that right) we have come together to play videogames and...welll we pretty much just play videogames really. Right now we are eating pizza and uploading a comic and just to stop you from EXPLODING in jealousy I shall quickly change the topic. Todays comic was based on the premise of the entire arc which is bluntly put: YOUR MOM IS FAT!. which is an ageold idea that I totally stole from the Binding of Isaac. I'm a thief a gamer and very hungry so shush you I shall now go eat!


Friday, May 25, 2012


Today's comic is entirely setup for next weeks comic which I won't promise too much but the idea behind it was to compliment Philip's amazing drawing abilities. Said abilities I keep causing to run short by sending the comics much much too late....I'd love to change the topic here to something that people find interesting but since everyone in the gaming scene is talking about a game I do not actually intend to play(Diablo 3) and since the only game right up my alley would be Tekken X Street Fighter which for some reason is gonna get released YEARS after the much inferior game got released(Street Fighter X Tekken) I am not really sure what to talk about. The only game I recently bought was Warcraft 3 and I'm pretty sure the sales on that one peaked at least 5 years ago. So no real news here,sorry.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Particularly dark

What happens when you look through a see through walls but the thing behind it is endless nothingness? Well apperently you run against invisible walls and cut out the part of the comic that makes Philip look like an idiot. Adressing the latter once again seems like a useless thing because both the joke and the cameo still work without Philip screaming wholeheartedly but I feel a distinct lack of "Philip is the victim of our humour recently" I must attend to this problem ASAP.
Now towards the cameo, the person depicted in todays comic is our dear friend Maxi *whisper-whisper-I-dont-wanna-give-away-his-last-name* who Philip has drawn quite some times for his Let's Play channel. Philip may insert a link here if he does wish to do so.


Friday, May 11, 2012


So due to Philips headache he drew something that he came up with himself kinda...and what do you know I like it slightly better than my own idea...It's moments like these that make you feel very useless but then again he had more time for this stuff since his final exams are already finished. He admittedly has the same number of exams to write but...then...ok maybe that reasoning is slightly flawed. But seriously it's always nice to know that he's such a reliable fellow even when my comic comes rather late.Hope we both did well at our exams, my last one is tomorrow:WISH ME LUCK.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Not giving names away here

If you don't know who or what we are hommaging here then I am terribly sorry for you because I won't tell you the exact names. This is probably the hommagiest we've gotten yet except for the Blot things but I consider him more as a friend than as a great influence on our work, now these people portrayed here on the other hand? They are pretty much the singlemost reason for Philip and me to start this webcomic. These two are the two main characters of one of the most famous, if not the most famous, webcomic of all time and what they're holding in their hands is one of my favourite runninggags in their webcomic. I applaud the genius that is said webcomic and hops that we might ever achieve such grandeur with our webcomic. Not in our succes but in the smiles that we bring on the faces of people reading this, thank you all


Friday, April 27, 2012

It's funny cuz I still don't see it

I swear when I downloaded todays comic I did not see the HDness of it but we all know that Philip wouldn't screw me over by saying that the comic now has a better quality right?...right?
I usuallly don't feel bad about not having much work or doing much of anything at all but recently I've been thinking that I do too little for this comics future and it's present. Then I see these incredibly long english texts that I write and am reassured that I am infact doing very much and Philip and me are equal partners, I love it when problems are solved this easily.


Friday, April 20, 2012


Yarr ask me about LOOM™ and I shall tell ye, yarr. So yeah exposition was too boring for our little best bud Philip and what he threw at me in todays mailbox was this. An animated  Monkey Island version of our comic with our favourite guest stars Mr Blot and Fox screwing us all over because Fox is an idiot! I have to put a great amount of thinking as to how we´ll go on with this style of comic, since I really feel that this should be a thing we do once in a while but it has to suit the joke well and should also use the animations to their greatest extent. While slightly puzzled I feel that a great step has made in our comic with todays feature and, while I usually don´t do this, this time I´d ask you guys to show this comic to friends. I know asking for advertisement is always kinda icky on the internet but recently I feel that we´ve gotten to a very presentable stage with this and... I dunno I guess I´m just amazed by animated things I mean LOOK AT BLOTS LIPS MOVING!


Because I felt like it.

Friday, April 13, 2012


On the one hand I´d very much like to discuss todays comic because a lot of thought went into this joke but on the other hand: THE WHOLE BLOGSPOT LAYOUT IS SO DIFFERENT. Okay okay first things first I kinda like the new layout even though it scared me at first,it´s very stylish and smartlooking. Now about the comic, I want to relink you to a video of a man we kind of have a mancrush in that´s about it really just a big ol'mancrush. He used Greg in one of his pictures and now we use his character in one of our comics but since we´re smart we have not once said the name Blot so that he doesn't get a reasonable reason to sue us. But seriously go watch his stuff and don't tell him that we rushed using his original character in one of our stories without asking him.


P.S.:We're pretty sure he wouldn't sue us, don't take that stuff seriously. I'm not scared of the guy who tortures his stuffed animals, that clearly represent part of his psyche.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Missed opportunity

While I wrote this one I entirely forgot that it´s Easter today BUUUUUUT since I used todays comic for making fun of Philip and the text suddenly is slanted to the right what the hell...well long story short I have already made a bunny joke and Philip isn´t into drawing girls for some reason so any Playboy joke would´ve been for naught. Well Happy Easter,have fun searching eggs and um...expect blood comming out of Philips bunny in the next few comics.


Friday, March 30, 2012


 Ha-hah!So I made you all think this thing had nothing to do with the main storyline while infact....ok I think I didn´t plan this out correctly...Please spare me any insults for me failing here, my wisdom teeth have been pulled out and I´m under...ok basically just the most minor painkillers you can get but it counts! I mean look at Philip, he´s sick as well and he has CLEARLY lost his mind(proof for that should be the last comics commentsection) so me being wrong in my planning under painkillers is fully okay!


P.S.:I only got one side pulled and it really is not a pleasure....not sure when I´ll let the dentist do my left two teeth.

P.P.S.:Philip is sick,don´t ask what he has he´s just...sick...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Complete remake

I´m sorry for letting Philip upload the last comic and I honestly regret doing so...can you imagine sitting somewhere having stuff to do and then you take out your mobile phone to look if the comic is updated and all you read is latin?LATIN?! But there is a good thing about that, it brings me to my next few topics, as school is drawing to a close for me and I am getting closer to whatever dreams I have for the future, the same is happening to Philip. I will never again have latin in my entire LIFE and I am now certified with the fact that I can speak it. What the end of school means for the comic is that during my current vacation I will most probably work on the storyarc again and go on with some of our planned events in the world of unlimited ammo such as the apereance of gregs mom and the circles of hell so stay tuned because the next few comics shall be one hell of a ride!


Friday, March 16, 2012

I´ve always wondered about this

This week I actually focused on a question i did ask myself for years: if you die and go to heaven because you´ve kept away from all sinning for your entire life then in heaven...can you have fun(sin) there? I mean honestly you´re already up there and they´re not gonna throw you out unless you do something REALLY bad right? So...when you´re in heaven are you allowed to have sex without marrying?Can you marry in heaven? I´m sorry bros and broadettes but I just enjoy asking questions way too much I suppose...


Friday, March 9, 2012

There were other posibilities

We could´ve gone with other questions too such as "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck would" or "What would you do for a Klondike bar" but we came to realise that no other question is so universaly understood as what does Kevin Bacon smell like. Tom Hanks once answered that Kevin Bacon was the best smelling actor he ever played with, with a smug smile and the attitude of a comedian he answered a question that caused the whole universe to shake in it´s entirety.
I would much appreciate to have your answers to this question as well in the comments,feel free to tell us what Kevin Bacon smells like or other universally mysteries of the world.


P.S.:Who was phone?Has someone ever been as far even as decided as to do more look like?But I do not dare ask more....the answer might change my opinion of EVERYTHING.

Friday, March 2, 2012

A little something about myself

As you may or may not have heard/known, my birthday was this week(28th of february) and I am now officialy 19 years old, I also like long walks at the beach and offending people. While the first three things you just learned didn#t have anything at all to do with todays comic,the last thing does apply, I LOVE insulting people and mostly for clishee'd reasons and that is how todays comic came to mind. In my defense, I thought of Texas IMMEDIATELY after I thought of heaven so in a way you might say that I think Texas is a divine and awesomely holy place.


(In another way you may look at it this way though, I hate religion and Texans are just about the epitome of religiousness in public concious,don't blame me, Family guy made me think this way, go sue their manatees.)

Friday, February 24, 2012


Since we didn´t have the copyright for the Benny Hill show music, we decided to do this as an intermission from our current storyline. Just to lighten up the mood and get rid of all the heavy backstory driven jokes of our arc we thought: Hey let´s take a look at heaven for a change and make an arc about that!" And that´s how this comic came to be! So this chars name is Christopher and he´s new in heaven learning all of the small and bg things about it, we´ll stick to this character for a while but since I currently don´t have any intentions of making him into an important character we´ll leave his backstory and character at a minimum.



Friday, February 17, 2012

BRB, preventing World War 3

Heya, it's me, Phil, and I just recieved a crytpic message, telling that Deniz is trying (as in 'I don't know if he's successfull) to prevent World War 3 and some other unrelated things. Anyhow... It's time for you to re-read 'The Divine Comedy' just to get in the right Mood for the next few Comics. Yes, there will be still some Cameos, and no, we're not using Stricking Logic to end our Arc. Actually, this one is one of our well-planned Arcs. Just saying...
Well then, see you next Week.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Would you believe me...

It´s funny how hard it can be to write a comic and how easy at the same time it is to come up with future comics through the one that was hard to write. While it took me particularly long to write todays comic the ideas for future things based on todays exposition and joke were countless. I´ll probably forget half the things Philip and I came up with today anyways but it´s always nice to feel this sudden flow of creativity that comes from writing one thing. What´s sad and weird is that I do actually have a little book in which I could potentially jott down my ideas but I am even to lazy for that.


P.S.: Can a human be lazy enough to stop swallowing his saliva?I fear the worst...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Back to buisness

Well since we got to live from SOMETHING we decided to go on with the story since first: the story has ad revenue and ives us money as you all know(blatant lie), and second: the ACTA thing made our views drop like all hell( an even worse blatant lie). Now where were we? Oh yeah Greg wants his body back and Charles is a Gigolo but why did Allen call him son? Why is he so persistent that Charles is his father? And what does this all have to do with my trip to the past to change the laws?! DUN DUN DUUUUUN you´ll find that out next week in the thrilling conclu- what? Not next week? Qe still have to fill some space before that? Well shucks no conclusion for you.


Friday, January 27, 2012

I just don´t get it

Now, I know you´re probably all very annoyed by now about all of the downtime or lack of updates on your favourite websites but I felt that the attention needed to drastically shift. For the past few weeks there has been an amazing spike of attention considering SOPA, the stop online piracy act that was being discussed and still is being discussed in the american senate. While I get the general idea behind stoping SOPA ,which is that america is basically the most important country in the world and if they are against a contract then said contract will not come to fruition( case in point being the Kyoto protocol), but ACTA is a MUCH bigger threat in my opinion because it is being hidden behing both a thick veil of illegal procedures and lobyism and the thought of mass media victims that online piracy is the biggest threat the universe has ever seen. What is being discussed here all over the world is surely not a plan to stop online piracy as much as it is the downfall of the internet as we know it, yes infact the internet in general. Copyrights are somewhat important of course, I wouldn´t like someone saying he wrote my texts or drew our comics either but that isn´t to say that I don´t want them to spread our work all over the globe. The internet has become a vast database for all that is good about sharing tastes, opinions,ideas and even ideals and only through the simple idea of saying something that can be (but doesnt have to) be heard all around the world. SOPA PIPA and ACTA are a step in the wrong direction, no, they are a huge LEAP into the wrong direction.


Friday, January 20, 2012


I´m supposed to implement this song in here

He didn´t exactly say how to implement it so i´m not gonna put it into any context whatsoever.
Something is very very wrong with blogspot today for some odd reason.
Btw all of you go read the devine comedy, it´s awesome and the quote from todays comic is semirelated to the book.


P.S.: next time expect a longer comment,Blogger is just really pissing me of right now and I´m in a little bit of a hurryLink