Friday, December 31, 2010

Things you can do on New Years Eve

Okay i thing you need a little sum up of last weeks comic.Long story short we would´ve done a:Things you can do on Christmas-comic with a lot of loveydovey wuving and the such where we show real things you can do on Christmas and this week...well you can clearly see it. The funny thing is, I never had a perfect loveydovey Christmas but the thing in the comic pretty much happened this exact way. I must admit though that it didn´t happen on New Years Eve...solely...And i must add that our smiles are usually far more evil but that level of evilness is impossible to draw even for Philip. Now I´m off to somewhere to celebrate New Years


P.S.:I look like a fucking gangleader in this one and i loooove it.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from me and a screw you from Philips pc

I expected us to have a lot of problems keeping up with a release schedule i really did. I´m a very lazy person and my pc sucks ass so i thought:"ah well I bet I´ll be too laste with the stories and Philip won´t be able to make it then."So in the end it would all have been my mistake but you know what´s funny? It´s never been my mistake,it´s always Philip who has problems with his pc! I know it´s not his fault and I sure as hell don´t blame him i just wanted to mention it since i thought it´s funny. Now this weeks "comic" is not what i wanted it to be and thus next weeks comic will probably make no sense at all but I´ll stand to my ideas! Philip has a virus by the way so excuse him okay?Okay.There´s not much else i can add except for


Friday, December 17, 2010

Big mistake

Silly little Philip. He tries so hard to be funny and pulling pranks on me but he doesn´t even realise that i use these silly little pranks to destroy his ego and to destroy his last bit of opinion because with all of the things he´s done i can threaten him easily. Now he sent me a comic that looks stupid and that is as stupid as the LAZER joke he once did without my supervision but I´ll use that to threaten him one day. I´ve been doing a lot of stuff recently, been writing a lot of comics making Youtube videos and writing on other things...I´m so awesome.

not much else to say here, adios, D

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas tiiiime

And yes we´re not doing a gaming religion joke...just yet.This kind of situation could actually occur in our lives, Louis is usually hard to threaten since he´s got this I don´t give a fuck attitude but i have that too to be honest. Me being threatened by vanishing porn is simply prepostorous though Philip did that not me i don´t even know what porn is...(did anyone ever notice the flamboyant posters in my room?).Uh yeah there´s not much else to say here today really so I´m probably just gonna stop in the middle of the sentence to show how much of a f-


P.S.:All of you listen to the Bleach OST 3 i just love the spanish parts in it.

Friday, December 3, 2010

We shall remember you

Maaaan...Leslie Nielson is dead I I loved the guy. Is there anyone out there who doesn´t love the Naked Gun? Sheesh seriously I loved those movies and there´s no one who could ever fill this gap I mean...there´s no other person who can pull off such silly things and still make you laugh now is there? Leslie Nielson was... we´ll miss him, we´ll really do both me and Philip. There´s really not much else I can say, another arc concluded with a silly joke and now we´re ready for Christmas , uh I mean the holidays(just to be politically correct). I have one thing to say to last weeks comic and this weeks comic, last weeks comic joke was that a white shirt turned all of Louis black shirts white and this week it´s that I made Philip pay for my gaming expenses. No I don´t think you´re stupid. No I don´t think you wouldn´t get the joke but a friend of mine told me that we´ve got too much of an "inside humor" thing going on. Enjoy this weeks comic and be prepared for the Chri-...Holiday arc.

-adios, D


Friday, November 26, 2010

The simple things

When you live together with others and if those other people are not your mom you´ll eventually get across some things that are generally seen as annoying by...well everyone.
But there is one thing that always helps when you have work to do and that´s people that are smaller than you.Bullying others and making them do your work is one of the best things in the world and it´s really soothing to see them work while nipping at a drink and playing videogames and that´s what i usually do.
Ever wondered what we play in every single comic? I do too i´m almost without any ideas what to play but i still got one or two games on my list and it´s gonna be christmas soon(yay!). Also there are some small things i´m working at at the moment, probably a wednesday comic thing that i´ll do without P mostly and some things that involve voice acting(which i love) and a game too!(i´m so awesome).

I should go do stuff now, adios D

P.S.:It´s still a dream sequence mostly so no bg.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The sink affair

I´m really trying to get better at writing and I think it shows. For me it´s all about motivation really,whenever I read Bakuman I get super hyped because the guys in the manga always do their best but recently I´ve read up on other things too, I´ve read a lot of online comics and even though I think we´re above average there´s still probably tenthousand comics that are better than us. So I´ll get better and better and I think we have a lot of chances to show some of our talent,this year we´ll have Christmas and new years eve both on a friday! I´m still fighting myself about some kind of wednesday wackiness that I draw or copy-paste...I shouldn´t draw now should I? Someone told me he´s seen elephants draw better than me...

-adios, D

P.S.:I think I´m getting a cold *cough cough*.

P.P.S.:This is some kind of Flashback that explains the´s not due to laziness.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Striking Logic

Making a joke that pretty much no one will get and hiding it inside of something that many will get is a form of art and I think I managed to do just that. This is the last Zombiearc-Comic for now BUT we´ve got lots of stuff planned for the future and maaaybe there´ll be Zombies again. Btw you might have noticed a few links being used in my comments recently, well P found some article on how Google (did I really just link to Google?)searches and it said that the more links the higher they put you so todays comment is one solely done for marketing reasons.


P.S.: And why is P holding a SNES controller if they play FF7?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Intermission part 2

I assure you that this was not planned but it might turn out to be a good thing.Okay so todays comic was not supposed to be this one but because P had what he calls a "whiteout"(it´s when he has a huge headache and sees white´s also when smoker does this thing you see in the link)and thus we had to make an easier comic. This was one of our first comics and comic ideas that´s why the drawings are not perfect BUT I´ll make this our new arc anyway. Schrödingers cat has been in some comics before too you might have noticed him. So i hope you enjoy todays comic anyway and are eager to see what´s next because i planned out a lot more stuff than i usually do, BE PREPARED!



Sunday, October 31, 2010

Costume party

Okay this thing is something special, we wanted to honour a guy with it, name´s BrandO. He´s pretty famous on the Internet, definetely check his songs out if you haven´t yet. My personal favourite of his is this Batman song, even though I temporarily forgot the name of it. Yeah I don´t think there´s much else to say except what the costumes are Philips costume , my costume and Louis costume. Check BrandO´s stuff out and uh yeah that should be it.

Happy Halloween and adios,D

P.S: Normally he hits chickens to alligators, but this is the prologue to it. And besides, I`m sure he has more than one Amazing Punch

Friday, October 29, 2010

Boss Battle!

Level one ends here! Next week level two of the awesome zombie arc finally starts, be prepared for more....things! Will Philip ever...umm...uh...well I didn´t leave much open now did I?
Oh yeah right who´s the mysterious guy from the long room who´s also in this comic in panel 4? He seems to be telling people when they are stupid and doesn´t like long rooms what might the characteristics of this daring hero be? Find out next week!!! (or maybe later)
Also quick update on things on the page, we´ve now got a globe that shows us and you from where the readers are and be on the watchout for a Sunday update, we want to do something for Halloween and it´s there to honour someone we´re fan of.

Till then, adios D.

P.S.:I may or may not install a chatroom in here, how about some input on that idea?

Friday, October 22, 2010

When suddenly all adds up.

Okay...i let Philip do a lot with this comic and i was fighting with myself but i decided to post it.It´s not what i went for in the written form, this is a very mindless comic and some people might not actually think this is funny but i really like it and if you let go of your mind for a sec then it´s preeeeetty funny.I´ve got nothing to add really it´s just...this was not my first idea but Philip did a good job transforming it to notive how the name of the comic affects the comic itself?heh.

Till next week,D

P.S.:I think i´m not gonna write a crazyass comic for next week too so expect it to be a bit tamer then.

P.P.S.:I wonder if i should let Philip do more things on his own i mean...just look at this.

Friday, October 15, 2010

A special guest

New comic and today´s comic has a special guest!The guy is 10 foot tall and wears a huge pyramid on his head...or is that his head?Well he´s here and he demands rape,anyone wanna give the man what he demands?Good heavens just look at the time i gotta go now,have fun with todays comic and please SOMEONE post some comments or otherwise ashy is gonna think that she´s alone here forever and believe me you don´t wanna be alone with us EVER or need i remind you of the time ?(i love that clock...)
Till next time adios oh and pyramid head normally looks like this so salute to Philip for drawing him this well.

Tell your friends,D

Friday, October 8, 2010

Gore is red,so are Redshirts

Once in the life of every person that wears white shirts and goes into a massslaughter of demons there comes a moment where he has a red shirt and that common problem is being addressed in todays comic.Now,i know that being a "Redshirt" is a tough thing,i mean the mental issues that come with KNOWING that you´re gonna die must be unbelievably tough and i respect them for still going to their job day after day but because Phillip looked like a massslaughtering maniac in the last comic i thought that i should remind you that he still is our "victim".And now that i said that i want to add that he is also small....very....yeah that was about it.

P.S.:If you don´t get todays joke then look at Redshirts.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Been working on the blog a fair bit. We installed a likebutton for all of you that have a facebook account,we recorded some things that may or may not show up on in a while and we also put some info into our "About me" so definetely check that out. Voice-acting was a lot of fun for both of us so P and me we might very well do some animations in the future.
So yeah enjoy todays comic about our weapons and tell us what you think(as always).


PS.:Give us some thoughts on how to advertise and if we should install a tweet in the comment section,we´d like some creative input.

PPS.: Here, for all of those who don´t know what DigDug is.

PPPS.:(the last one i swear)Does anyone else think that P looks friggin crazy in the last panel? Just saying...

Friday, September 24, 2010


Hey people,we´re back with a new comic.Oh look do you see that?That right there in the third panel?Could that be a point?!My god yes it is,we´re actually having story development in here,i mean how awesome is that?!References to popculture are cool and absolutely necessary in a webcomic so my dear P put one in panel 3,if you don´t get it then that´s not all that bad,i didn´t get it either.So yeah enjoy todays comic and expect some promo things in the next few weeks,if you´ve got any good comics on how to get new viewers let us know,just post a comment.

till next week(or maybe sooner?!) adios

P.S.:Where IS that room in our house?And why don´t we use it for something neccesary?We´ll probably never know....or will we?!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Never noticed that poster

Y´know there comes a time in the life of a character from a comic at which he questions the world around him causing all of those little problems that make the fourth wall come crumbling-tumbling down.The layout of our house has never been questioned before and the background has not been the same all the time either.Now is the time to explain all of those problems...MAGIC.Okay i´ve talked enough,enjoy todays comic and be prepared for an epic battle with hordes of zombies and a new character who is a true hero.


P.S. it´s zombie killing aCtion,that typo is all P´s fault as always.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Absolutely unexpected turn of events

Holy smokes,zombies,really guys?Wow damn man i didn´t expect us to use zombies in the new arc,when i said brains i thought we were going for...i dunno.Well yeah zombie arc woohoo!
I don´t think there´s much to talk about,this arc will introduce some running gags and a few things and ideas that we had since starting this comics.Philip really put his heart into this one and it really shows,if you ask me.I put effort into it too by the way but who cares for the writer eh?

ok,till next week,adios



Friday, September 3, 2010


Yes i know todays comic is slightly late BUT it is not my fault and that makes up for it because...well...shut up.It´s absolutely Philips fault so blame him.On a sidenote i would like to rant a bit about casual games and be aware to be offended and to hate me.Look if i had been able to get three other kids into a room back when i was a kid i wouldn´t have been a gamer,it´s easy as that.So in the end,at least for me,every multiplayer game(aside from beat-em-ups because they are fucking AWESOME)is a casual game.I mean what´s the big deal abotu wii sports wii fit and the ps3 and xbox360 peripherals?The thought of casualgaming is solely there for moneygrobbing purposes but dont get me wrong that´s not neccesarily a bad thing since...well...the wii itself is prefect for casual games and it got us great games like metroid prime and okami(i know okami is on ps2 too but shut up).Oh yeah umm next week is the start of the new arc so be prepared!

until then,adios

P.S.:naaaah just fucking with you,fuck casual games and multiplayergames are win...very often.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Pun Hour

I´m still pretty happy about the drawings i mean,dayemn,it´s hard to draw comics.Salute to Philip for that,really,seriously,i don´t appreciate the guy enough i mean look at his drawings.Ok so today something about Greg,we´ve not had him in enough yet and throughout the next arc he will be very important really,I´ll not give too much away but writing the arc that´s comming next took me a lot of Braaaaaaains(hah they´ll never get that joke).Ok then i have a lot on my schedule for today so


Friday, August 20, 2010

P is back!

Oh wondrous joy,oh the happines,FINALLY drawings that are befitting of Philip.Why do i have good drawings you ask?because Philip is back from japan and drew a new comic.I can finally make jokes that are hard to draw again,this feels amazing!Okay enough of that,so Philip is back and todays comic is about that,there´s not much more to say,enjoy and be ready for the start of an interesting arc soon.

Enjoy and adios!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Pun(y) excuses

I swear that the reason for todays late comic was lag.You see when computers were first made...yeah that´s when my pc was made too,it´s old,it´s carved into stone,it runs on dos,the printer is a man with a stonetablet who carves the pics in,IT´S OLD! So the lack pretty much killed me while working on the comic BUT i finished it and i personally think the joke works well even with the crappiest drawings you´ve ever seen in your entire life.So enjoy the last of my drawings for next week we shall have Philip draw again(JOY AND HAPINESS I DON´T HAVE TO DRAW EVER AGAIN).I´d appreciate input on todays comic because i don´t know if the punchline is obvious enough for everyone to understand.


Friday, August 6, 2010

She was 11 BUT she had a teddy

Okay today i present you ANOTHER Copypasta comic which i think is pretty okay,the jokes in it are a little flat though.tbh i couldn´t come up with much for this one but once Philip is back you´ll get loads and LOADS of funny wity and unbelievably awesome content so stay tuned.
Also this weeks comic might get a notch funnier if you watch this :
Till then adios


Friday, July 30, 2010

Searching Philip

Today´s comic has a lot less copypasta and a lot more crappy drawings.
I didn´t redraw the lines with anything so it´s a lot harder to see some of the lines but i think it looks okay.First panel is still us on our couch second is Greg in a retiremenet home third is Louis in our very own private ballpool(that was Louis idea)and thirs is me infront of a stripclub(notice the girl in the upperright corner?I got a tip for you NEVER ask me to draw nudes).So yeah enjoy todays comic and have fun with my crappy drawings for the nnext two weeks too.

till then,Adios

Friday, July 23, 2010


Philip is in Japan.
Copypasta comic sucks.
´nuff said.

P.S. drawing greg on paint is hard.Very!
Next week it´ll be handdrawn so prepare for much more cheapness.

Friday, July 16, 2010

This joke was brought to you buy nerdiness

It´s friday which means new comic day!This week we have less politics and more nerdiness for you again,and from next week on we´ll have comics made by me!So get ready for some really awful drawn comics while Philip is in japan,if you meet him there say hello from me.So yeah this weeks comic is about louis and not me,i kept my promise,and if you don´t get the joke then...well you´re not nerdy enough,go play metal gear solid.

I´ll leave it at that,till next week adios,Deniz

Friday, July 9, 2010

Still better than other presidents

New comic is out early,because i actually have something planned for the day but i´m not sure if i can do it...neeevermind that,NEW COMIC.Yeah so todays comic was about me again and i kinda noticed that that happens a lot recently,i´m gonna try writing about others too...soon.So yeah enjoy the comic,comment and have fun.Oh and tell your friend about us.

Till then,adios.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Change : a serious issue

New comic!And a few changes that will be re-changed or changed to something else again,yeah well that´s what happens when Philip has an opinion and i don´t.This weeks comic is part of a two-comic-arc thingie and i think i will make the second comc(the one from next week) have a joke that may come again later in the series.So yeah check out the comic write comments and be anxious about next weeks comic

Till then adios,Deniz.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Why Toriyama,why?!

We´re back with more nerdy videogame action!And again with a joke some people might not get.
Seriously though what the hell?I get the androgynous chars in japanese rpgs and/or animes but Birdo?That´s just weird,thank you for the nightmares mr. Toriyama thank you so much.Okay first "storyline"down some more to go,in a few weeks Philip´ll go to japan though so i´ll have to paint´ll love that.Might get some stuff for the blog/comic thingimajig done in a few days but first i´ll have to finish FFX,the game´s been sitting in my shelf for a while now...

-till then adios,Deniz

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


As you might´ve seen,we´ve now got a counter,it reacts to your ip adress so comming here twice with the same pc won´t do much,which is a good thing,and i don´t want you tampering with it.So yeah what else,uh,tune in friday for the continuation of our last comic and post some comments.Also third follower,again a good thing,we´d like to thank you for your fast assistance in watching all of the updates.We´ve got a lot planned for the upcoming months and maaaaybe even and...not really unique.So yeah tune in this friday,be active in the posts and tell your friends,you can also find us on google if you type in the full addres of this blog which makes it pretty much useless.

-Seeya around,Deniz.

Friday, June 18, 2010

I almost feel guilty

This comic is based on a true story,Philip did not really jump out of the window,mostly because he was in my cellar room but yeah he did shriek like a little girl.Who could blame him?I know i couldn´t i mean,sheesh friggin Bridget is a guy! That came as a shock to all of us,no?So yeah second comic and we got a background now,i might as well change the blog soon too but chances are i won´t due to severe laziness.

Tune in next Friday for a brandnew Unlimitedammo!

PS.:Yes we would´ve even laughed in panel 4 in real life.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Birthday Party

Today we celeberate Philip´s birthday so i kinda felt like making a comic.It´s supposed to be a news spoof where i am in front of a Philip flag and forced to say good things about him.Keep in mind that I drew this comic so it´s not top-notch but i´ll have to make some comics in the near future again so get used to it.
Next friday new comic and today all night long gaming sessions,be active in the comments we´d like to hear your opinions,

Deniz out.

Friday, June 11, 2010


So here we are,moving into a flat with the Death named Greg what may the future hold for us?
By the way cloning is not that FAR yet,not for,so yeah Philip is an idiot.He´s kinda searching for his style atm so excuse changes in it.On a sidenote,expect a little something tomorrow but the actual updates will be on every Friday so be on the lookout,

So long suckers!!!Deniz

P.S: Picture is now updated, jeez, D, now your comment makes no sense at all. ~Philip

Friday, June 4, 2010

Introducing the death?!

As i said last time human introductions are over but what about this char?His name is Greg,who might this mysterious grim(see what i did there?Grim as in grim reaper,oh god i´m so awesome) looking person be?A possible Antagonist or maybe....a flat mate that killed the owner to not pay rent which Philip doesn´t know causing me to earn money without work?He´s got white eyes is a bit smaller than Philip and wears a black robe.His hair is...he has hair?Woah if he does then go ask Philip about it,i dun wanna know.His age is unknown ,his characteristics are his oddly shaped head his love for Kitteh and his odd tendency of being the death(a-doy).So yeah that was it for the introductions,expect our first comic next friday!And post your opinions!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Introducing TEH AWESOME

The last human character to be introduced(for now).The word human might not be the best fitting word though,forged by the hammer of Volcanos himself he is what the ancient Romans would´ve called a God. Next to the word awesome in the dictionary is his picture,his presence to this comic is a true honour for all of us and i am not overacting when i say that he is infact the true main character here(not really).His handsomeness,awesomeness and overall greatness are what make him who he is i am of course talking about Deniz,me.He´s 17 years old and with a manly Height of 1.78 m and his wonderful white eyes his curly grey hair and his grey clothes he is the pure definition of a man. (rl:blue eyes and black not so curly hair) I hear you ask for his weight?Well shut up! 84 kg is fine! So yeah i like myself and from now on i can officially sign my posts with


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Introducing the small one

Second char to hit this lovely site is Philip!Modelled after our dear illustrator he is the crazy little weirdo of the group.Well he´s weirdEST i´d say cuz we´re quite the insane bunch.Age:17 Height:1.65m(he´s small) Weight:45kg(he´s still small) Eyes:white(rl:brown(a sign of smallness(striking logic ain´t it?)) Hair:black(rl:brown) Clothes:white Characteristics:His head is a pentagon.he´s a small,artsy easily scared guy who talks fast and does stuff even faster.He doesn´t think before doing and/or talking though(that´s my job).He likes his girls like wait HIS girls would mean that he scores which he doesn´ yeah he likes girls and he doesn´t score.An overall lovely unloved character with a tendency to do the unexpected.By the way he´s small.

-written by D

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Introducing the victim

Is one picture paired with a small text an introductory comic? I say yes,so here is Louis:
Height:1.86m Weight:64kg Oh yeah if you don´t use the metric system then...go to hell?(striking logic!) At least have the decency to google it yourself. Age:16 Hair:black(brown in real life) Eyes:White(rl:blue) Clothes:black Characteristics: triangular head and a tendency to be a dick,with his little to no powers over the comic in real life we put him in the role as the victim though(Dio mio!). He´s the only one who scored in real life and has a girlfriend called paula(she´ll be in the comic).
And just to annoy you a bit he´s 0.00116 miles tall,go figure.
sincerely Yours D.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yay, Birthday

Well, we are not dead ( Don`t believe those rumors on the net)
and still working on the release.
In this and the next Week, we`ll post some describtions about the Protagonists.
Yesterday was my 17th Birthday, so I am going to post a Promotion-Pic with Greg, me and Schroedingers Cat, wich is now dead.
Ciao-Wa P

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hardly Working

Hello there nonexistant fans!
Today we bring to you a totally urelated comic,that does not start the series, to prove that we`re infact working. Todays comic shows our thought processand how wwe are working.I hope you all enjoy todays non-comicI`ll get back to work now( that means I`ll scream at P, the illustrator).

~P `n D

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting started

Hello there people that stumbled upon this blog! Well first off, a note that this is not so much a blog as it is a webcomic. We are trying to make a comic and well, we'll start out soon. When I say "we" I mean me - the guy who writes the stories - and my dear friend who is going to do all the illustrations. We do not yet have a particular date to start, BUT we will start this year and perhaps even the near future. Once we are close to posting the first comic, I'll give you a short summary about myself and the illustrator. For now, please be patient and look forward to our work!

Sincerely Yours, D.