Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Holidays you Kwanza jews

I tried to make that headline as PC as I possibly could, I think I failed miserably. Aaaaaanywho do you guys remember that time right after christmas when you didn't have to clean up, you didn't have to wear fancy clothes or get kissed by grandma for hours? You woke up in the early hours got out of bed as quickly as you could, and since most of you readers are gamers, you would go t the tv, plug in that new console, pop in that new gamecd and then play for a round or two and be full of excitement and childish glee. The years went by but you would still love that very cherrished alone time right before your parent awoke, just you and your presents that were more neatly wraped in the game than your parents could ever have imagined, the music, the colours, all of the fun and thrill of just running to the right and jumping could not be beat by anything in the world because right now and right there it was the only thing you wanted to spend your time with, only you and the game. One fateful christmas though you just had a sensory overload, you grew up and got clothes for christmas, got books and the games had become more lenghthy and complex, you wouldn't just pop them in anymore but you would install and read the instructions, you wouldn't just get into a game you would be sucked into a different world and it would take days, nay, weeks to even grasp the full extent of your presents which in and of itself was a blessing but sometimes I look back and I think about just waking up and playing with my presents for the first time, being able to test them all before my parents had even awoken and I miss these days.
They have had a resurgance for me though, I get multiplayer games ever so often now and after christmas when all the work was done, all the presents given we would just crash down on a couch and play together and I feel that fun and thrill again that I had playing with that giant power rangers robot or that new sonic game again.

-Have a very jolly christmas, even when you don't celebrate it, cherish the thick scent of love, cinnamon and cookies in the air because they are best inside all of us humans, D.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Don't you know it's christmaaaas

not really actually, it's like the 22nd and not the 24th so yeah.
I've always wondered how big you have to get to get your ass sued I mean I know we are completely non profit so it doesn't actually matter to us but still how big do we have to get to get sued for our constant use of stuff?


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

he is though

He really really is a pansy....

That concludes this storyline for realsies, next comic something christmasy and the week after too yaaay.

-falalalala la la la laaaaa, D.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Aleon - The prince from another world

So yeah this is what we were working on the past few weeks. Aleon is one of the main characters from our new comic Next Generation, I don't think I wanna give away too much but it's gonna be good!

-Stay tuned,D.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Guile's theme

I have nothing to add to this comic and the headline.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Creative writing or how to procrastinate through actually getting shit done

This is getting to a weird level really, while on the one hand I don't focus on anything in university and procrastinate all the work and learning I should be doing, on the other hand I have exhausted the entirety of the internet(I've seen some shit) and thus write instead of doing work for University which is....good? I guess? It feels really weird to sit there and instead of working work on something that actually takes more thought and work than what I'm actually supposed to do BUT it's pretty good for you guys I hope because I just finished a project that will prooooobably be posted on here too! I've also been working on another project that is probably gonna stay in written form, I'd like to get some input on the writing style but I'm not sure how to post it on Facebook without getting  Tl;dr wall of text just sitting there.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Risk of Steam

So there's a sale going on around Black Friday on Steam. I haven't sold my soul to this years sale yet but then again Gaben already owns me as I have around 100 games in my steam library. I also spent the past three hours playing a single round of risk of rain which is usually supposed to take around 30-40 minutes otherwise the enemies get ridiculously hard....needless to say, I love that game, go buy it if you like runny-jumpy-fighty games with roguelike elements, if not, we are not very much alike for I love those kindsa games.