Friday, December 31, 2010

Things you can do on New Years Eve

Okay i thing you need a little sum up of last weeks comic.Long story short we would´ve done a:Things you can do on Christmas-comic with a lot of loveydovey wuving and the such where we show real things you can do on Christmas and this week...well you can clearly see it. The funny thing is, I never had a perfect loveydovey Christmas but the thing in the comic pretty much happened this exact way. I must admit though that it didn´t happen on New Years Eve...solely...And i must add that our smiles are usually far more evil but that level of evilness is impossible to draw even for Philip. Now I´m off to somewhere to celebrate New Years


P.S.:I look like a fucking gangleader in this one and i loooove it.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from me and a screw you from Philips pc

I expected us to have a lot of problems keeping up with a release schedule i really did. I´m a very lazy person and my pc sucks ass so i thought:"ah well I bet I´ll be too laste with the stories and Philip won´t be able to make it then."So in the end it would all have been my mistake but you know what´s funny? It´s never been my mistake,it´s always Philip who has problems with his pc! I know it´s not his fault and I sure as hell don´t blame him i just wanted to mention it since i thought it´s funny. Now this weeks "comic" is not what i wanted it to be and thus next weeks comic will probably make no sense at all but I´ll stand to my ideas! Philip has a virus by the way so excuse him okay?Okay.There´s not much else i can add except for


Friday, December 17, 2010

Big mistake

Silly little Philip. He tries so hard to be funny and pulling pranks on me but he doesn´t even realise that i use these silly little pranks to destroy his ego and to destroy his last bit of opinion because with all of the things he´s done i can threaten him easily. Now he sent me a comic that looks stupid and that is as stupid as the LAZER joke he once did without my supervision but I´ll use that to threaten him one day. I´ve been doing a lot of stuff recently, been writing a lot of comics making Youtube videos and writing on other things...I´m so awesome.

not much else to say here, adios, D

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas tiiiime

And yes we´re not doing a gaming religion joke...just yet.This kind of situation could actually occur in our lives, Louis is usually hard to threaten since he´s got this I don´t give a fuck attitude but i have that too to be honest. Me being threatened by vanishing porn is simply prepostorous though Philip did that not me i don´t even know what porn is...(did anyone ever notice the flamboyant posters in my room?).Uh yeah there´s not much else to say here today really so I´m probably just gonna stop in the middle of the sentence to show how much of a f-


P.S.:All of you listen to the Bleach OST 3 i just love the spanish parts in it.

Friday, December 3, 2010

We shall remember you

Maaaan...Leslie Nielson is dead I I loved the guy. Is there anyone out there who doesn´t love the Naked Gun? Sheesh seriously I loved those movies and there´s no one who could ever fill this gap I mean...there´s no other person who can pull off such silly things and still make you laugh now is there? Leslie Nielson was... we´ll miss him, we´ll really do both me and Philip. There´s really not much else I can say, another arc concluded with a silly joke and now we´re ready for Christmas , uh I mean the holidays(just to be politically correct). I have one thing to say to last weeks comic and this weeks comic, last weeks comic joke was that a white shirt turned all of Louis black shirts white and this week it´s that I made Philip pay for my gaming expenses. No I don´t think you´re stupid. No I don´t think you wouldn´t get the joke but a friend of mine told me that we´ve got too much of an "inside humor" thing going on. Enjoy this weeks comic and be prepared for the Chri-...Holiday arc.

-adios, D