Friday, November 25, 2011

There´s more to come

Get ready for a festival of bad puns because oh boy we found a stone and we will milk the fuck out of it, there´s soooo much blood gonna come out of this stone! Philip´s sick and twisted mind is already getting ready to dish out the very worst of the worst of puns and I honestly gain a lot of enjoyment out of writing those, it´s one thing to write jokes but another to make them perfectly fit into a serious situation and to make them be part of our storyline. Making fun of Greg is so much fun because of one thing: He is what Philip used to be. He is small. I enjoy making fun of the weak. And I´m sure I am going to get my ass handed to me by a midget at one point but for now just let me flow in this wonderful state of cartmanness.(yes that is a word shut up)


P.S.: I´m pretty sure i fucked up some proverbs in the first sentence there.

Friday, November 18, 2011

We´re BACK

Good old puns are back in ACTION. Yeah we´re here and ready to rock your world! This is the new storyline of our comic with all new timetraveling and missing bodyparts and...okay basically we´re starting to steal our own ideas with parts from timetravelarcs and parts from zombies(get it?). And so we set off to the start of a wonderful new arc which will bring you a few chars that´ll prove to be very interesting! Until then I shall play videogames with my good ol pal Philip.


Friday, November 11, 2011

We have not learned a thing

Explanation: During the humble beginnings of Nintendo, shortly after "the great gaming crash", they had a policy that every and any game made by ANYONE for their console had to be checked by Nintendo to make sure it was "suited" for it´s "audience",namely kids. Oh the irony, Nintendo´s executives were being douchebags and so Sony, the guys that wanted to make a discdrive for Nintendo, said screw you we´re going home and made the Playstation giving free reign to third party gamemakers. Nintendo reacted way late but got out of it pretty healthy only waiting to piss of it´s NEW fanbase by making another STUPID thing up, the Nintendo Wii. Now again after some years Nintendo clearly blames the third party developers for everything by saying: Well WE never intended it to be for casuals. (the rambling part starts here) It strikes me as odd how the fastest economical sector EVER keeps it´s same pattern and yet Nintendo sneakily weasels itself out of this shit by just saying: oh wait we MEANT to do that too. Now to elaborate, the gaming industry has a simply mechanism behind it: you succeed,some else succeeds with a better idea,you think your idea was good and keep and,you fail, this does of course not apply to dear old Nintendo. Now while i do not hate Nintendo,like at all, I don´t like how they do buisness clearly stating that what they STATED wasn´t what they meant, we HEARD executives say:this console is for casualgamers, and now recently after YEARS of having the console out on the market Nintendo noticed that pissing off it´s loyal fans DO INFACT like games that do not consist solely of wiggling their right hand in a certain that sentence made me realise their idea behind the Wii...brilliant.


P.S.:Sorry for the innane rambling but I hope it cleared up the idea behind todays comic.

Friday, November 4, 2011

They´ll sue our asses

Todays comic was brought to you by Philip in its full entirety. Script:Philip Drawings:Philip Characters:....Well...They´ll sue our asses. Since I had nothing to do with todays comic I don´t have any visionary insight or stuff like that about it but I do know that it is a hell of a lot funnier if you know and/or play Minecraft. I would´ve written a slightly different Minecraft themed topic but I won´t spoil it because I´m still considering making that particular comic actually. What´s that?We haven´t done a Halloween extravaganza...AND we haven´t mentioned the awesometastic Brand0 in quite some time? Well...shucks.