Friday, November 25, 2011

There´s more to come

Get ready for a festival of bad puns because oh boy we found a stone and we will milk the fuck out of it, there´s soooo much blood gonna come out of this stone! Philip´s sick and twisted mind is already getting ready to dish out the very worst of the worst of puns and I honestly gain a lot of enjoyment out of writing those, it´s one thing to write jokes but another to make them perfectly fit into a serious situation and to make them be part of our storyline. Making fun of Greg is so much fun because of one thing: He is what Philip used to be. He is small. I enjoy making fun of the weak. And I´m sure I am going to get my ass handed to me by a midget at one point but for now just let me flow in this wonderful state of cartmanness.(yes that is a word shut up)


P.S.: I´m pretty sure i fucked up some proverbs in the first sentence there.


  1. None of them described him with one word D:<

    - Ashy

  2. Well Ashy, look at the File describtion. You´re not the only one that points out D's flaws xD

  3. Now that you mention it... But who the heck is looking at the file description?

    Nethertheless, a little extra is always nice. ^^