Friday, June 25, 2010

Why Toriyama,why?!

We´re back with more nerdy videogame action!And again with a joke some people might not get.
Seriously though what the hell?I get the androgynous chars in japanese rpgs and/or animes but Birdo?That´s just weird,thank you for the nightmares mr. Toriyama thank you so much.Okay first "storyline"down some more to go,in a few weeks Philip´ll go to japan though so i´ll have to paint´ll love that.Might get some stuff for the blog/comic thingimajig done in a few days but first i´ll have to finish FFX,the game´s been sitting in my shelf for a while now...

-till then adios,Deniz

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


As you might´ve seen,we´ve now got a counter,it reacts to your ip adress so comming here twice with the same pc won´t do much,which is a good thing,and i don´t want you tampering with it.So yeah what else,uh,tune in friday for the continuation of our last comic and post some comments.Also third follower,again a good thing,we´d like to thank you for your fast assistance in watching all of the updates.We´ve got a lot planned for the upcoming months and maaaaybe even and...not really unique.So yeah tune in this friday,be active in the posts and tell your friends,you can also find us on google if you type in the full addres of this blog which makes it pretty much useless.

-Seeya around,Deniz.

Friday, June 18, 2010

I almost feel guilty

This comic is based on a true story,Philip did not really jump out of the window,mostly because he was in my cellar room but yeah he did shriek like a little girl.Who could blame him?I know i couldn´t i mean,sheesh friggin Bridget is a guy! That came as a shock to all of us,no?So yeah second comic and we got a background now,i might as well change the blog soon too but chances are i won´t due to severe laziness.

Tune in next Friday for a brandnew Unlimitedammo!

PS.:Yes we would´ve even laughed in panel 4 in real life.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Birthday Party

Today we celeberate Philip´s birthday so i kinda felt like making a comic.It´s supposed to be a news spoof where i am in front of a Philip flag and forced to say good things about him.Keep in mind that I drew this comic so it´s not top-notch but i´ll have to make some comics in the near future again so get used to it.
Next friday new comic and today all night long gaming sessions,be active in the comments we´d like to hear your opinions,

Deniz out.

Friday, June 11, 2010


So here we are,moving into a flat with the Death named Greg what may the future hold for us?
By the way cloning is not that FAR yet,not for,so yeah Philip is an idiot.He´s kinda searching for his style atm so excuse changes in it.On a sidenote,expect a little something tomorrow but the actual updates will be on every Friday so be on the lookout,

So long suckers!!!Deniz

P.S: Picture is now updated, jeez, D, now your comment makes no sense at all. ~Philip

Friday, June 4, 2010

Introducing the death?!

As i said last time human introductions are over but what about this char?His name is Greg,who might this mysterious grim(see what i did there?Grim as in grim reaper,oh god i´m so awesome) looking person be?A possible Antagonist or maybe....a flat mate that killed the owner to not pay rent which Philip doesn´t know causing me to earn money without work?He´s got white eyes is a bit smaller than Philip and wears a black robe.His hair is...he has hair?Woah if he does then go ask Philip about it,i dun wanna know.His age is unknown ,his characteristics are his oddly shaped head his love for Kitteh and his odd tendency of being the death(a-doy).So yeah that was it for the introductions,expect our first comic next friday!And post your opinions!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Introducing TEH AWESOME

The last human character to be introduced(for now).The word human might not be the best fitting word though,forged by the hammer of Volcanos himself he is what the ancient Romans would´ve called a God. Next to the word awesome in the dictionary is his picture,his presence to this comic is a true honour for all of us and i am not overacting when i say that he is infact the true main character here(not really).His handsomeness,awesomeness and overall greatness are what make him who he is i am of course talking about Deniz,me.He´s 17 years old and with a manly Height of 1.78 m and his wonderful white eyes his curly grey hair and his grey clothes he is the pure definition of a man. (rl:blue eyes and black not so curly hair) I hear you ask for his weight?Well shut up! 84 kg is fine! So yeah i like myself and from now on i can officially sign my posts with


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Introducing the small one

Second char to hit this lovely site is Philip!Modelled after our dear illustrator he is the crazy little weirdo of the group.Well he´s weirdEST i´d say cuz we´re quite the insane bunch.Age:17 Height:1.65m(he´s small) Weight:45kg(he´s still small) Eyes:white(rl:brown(a sign of smallness(striking logic ain´t it?)) Hair:black(rl:brown) Clothes:white Characteristics:His head is a pentagon.he´s a small,artsy easily scared guy who talks fast and does stuff even faster.He doesn´t think before doing and/or talking though(that´s my job).He likes his girls like wait HIS girls would mean that he scores which he doesn´ yeah he likes girls and he doesn´t score.An overall lovely unloved character with a tendency to do the unexpected.By the way he´s small.

-written by D

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Introducing the victim

Is one picture paired with a small text an introductory comic? I say yes,so here is Louis:
Height:1.86m Weight:64kg Oh yeah if you don´t use the metric system then...go to hell?(striking logic!) At least have the decency to google it yourself. Age:16 Hair:black(brown in real life) Eyes:White(rl:blue) Clothes:black Characteristics: triangular head and a tendency to be a dick,with his little to no powers over the comic in real life we put him in the role as the victim though(Dio mio!). He´s the only one who scored in real life and has a girlfriend called paula(she´ll be in the comic).
And just to annoy you a bit he´s 0.00116 miles tall,go figure.
sincerely Yours D.