Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Time in perspective

It's been around 4 years since we started this comic, about half a year more since we came up with the idea for it, around 6-7 years since Philip and I became good friends and ca. 15 years since I first met Philip and it's been 21 years since he was born. Time is a weird thing now isn't it? It feels like I've known Philip for an eternity, like I've been friends wih him for aeons, like there's thousand, nay, millions of ideas we came up with, threw around, dropped and picked up again and yet honestly it feels like the time we've been friends wasn't all that long, there's MUCH I don't really truly know or understand about Philip yet but I'll gladly stay around him for much longer and find out more. This friendship is probably gonna stick till I die and who knows, maybe both of us are gonna go through heaven and hell, fall in love, marry, get kids, grow old individually without the other having anything at all to do with it,move away from each other or end up in the same home for the elderly.
We'll change as people but as a team, we'll probably always be the same awkward duo with such equal tastes yet very differing opinions.

Happy Birthday Philip.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Little things can have a big effect

and big things can have very little effect if any at all. We totally had a smart idea behind todays comic, I didn't just write this thing to have Philip draw Godzilla again, what, do you think I just like big pictures with little to no substance? Pah I'm totally deep and multilayered man.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Strong beliefs attract others

I've never actually had a run-in with a Jehova's witness, probably because I don't wear pants most of the time or like to spend long stretches of time inside of my house not showering and/or shaving.
That line of reasoning might not very much resonate with you, you might be saying: But deniz, how would they know that you are a greasy unwashed hobo without pants prior to knocking on your door? Well I've found out that I have a very interesting way of linking thoughts together, my reasoning here doesn't actually aim at them running into me it is based on the other way around for, you see, I don't often open the door when it rings, who knows, maybe they've been knocking for years and I was just never the one to open?

I've always wished deep inside to run into one of those people so that I could convince them that they are complete idiots and assholes but even deeper inside I want to never meet those people or have a longer conversation with them because instead of being cool, calm and collected I would just be furious at them for not understanding what is clearly the truth behind all systems in the world, the everlasting truth that we will be buried in, that we will experience shortly after death, I would rage and scream and gesture maniacally and the irony in that is that I would be nothing more than my own version of a prophet, maybe even a false one.


Sunday, May 18, 2014

We watched Godzilla

The buildup was really good and even though there was a general lul in the middle where we just followed Ford(the main character) around for a while doing military type stuff and good ol' american in a movie type stuff the finale WELL made up for it. If you like monster movies and general Godzilla badassery I highly recommend this movie, I'm still kind of torn on whether to watch it in cinema or rent it later down the line because the effects and the sound WAS awesome and one of the more haunting visuals of the movie probably was amplified up to 11 by the big screen but cinema these days is expensive as hell and...ah fuck it, grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy this beatdown of a movie with everyone you know who likes Kaiju movies, this was Pacific Rim if it had a good story and better pacing.


P.S.: They call him GOJIRAAAAAAAA.

P.P.S.: Ken Watanabe never actually screams GOJIRAAAA at the top of his lungs, one of this movie's biggest short commings.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Am I the only one who's hair grows in ridiculously short time? I went to the barber today and godDAMN did I get rid of a lot of hair there, it looked like a warmovie but with hair instead of blood so not like a warmovie at all.

So yeah I realise we could've just used Mother's day for our trip to hell but I didn't wanna ride on your mom anymore I've already done that the past five days AYOOOOOOOO


P.S.: I apologize for the "your mom" joke.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

He chill? He chill brah.

This is the first time I use the blogger app, I hope that I get to upload actual pictures with this thing and not just little icons that look like a QR-code.
Laters, D.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The one where Alice unties us

Philip has told me time and time again that not having the title and the text refer to the comic that was drawn is a bad thing viewerattentiongatheringwise, that's totally a word, so I decided to make this text and stuff have to do with the comic and uh yeah....that was anticlimactic.


Sunday, May 4, 2014

I am not a man of faith, neither is any other char in our comic

And that's why I'm not gonna talk about religion on here, HAH didn't expect THAT ONE didya? Yeah I'm not gonna shit on anyones front porch today and instead I'm gonna talk about nonconfrontational stuff like the E3. Anyone else looking forward to E3 like craaaazy? FINALLY we get a reason to be one of the new consoles, I think there's gonna be some exciting as games being anounced oooor more shooters.