Sunday, October 28, 2012

Foreign languages are hard

I had to look up the word counterquestion for todays comic and I'm still not sure if it is the right word but it's a weird situation where you are pretty darn good at a language and have a rather sizable vocabulary but then when a word comes around that is rather commonly used but very situational then you do notice that you aren't a native speaker. Now two little exercises for you guys out there who actually read these, try to tell me if the word counterquestion is actually correct and if it is think about any language that you speak other than english and tell me what counterquestion means in that language.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

I should start naming the comics myself

As everyone in the entire universe can tell just by one look at the way I use my walk( I'm a womans man, no time to talk~~~) I am lazy as all hell, and so it happens that every other solar eclipse( those things happen fucking often) Philip misreads something that I should've explained in the first place or names a comic mortal combat that is centered around my favourite fighting game which, as you all might know, is not Mortal Kombat. It isn't fucking Street Fighter either so the ingenious evil bastard Louis got what he wanted once again. I can't help but wonder why I write one of my best friends in the entire world as a witty and charming asshole that pretty much does everything better than my character simply by having no remorse, I even fear that one of these days he's gonna get that milk he asked for in an earlier comic and that will probably lead to complete world domination.
Can you even imagine a world ruled NOT by me? It would be coherent, WHO WANTS THAT?!

-adios, D.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rohrschach test

Manipulating Philip is a task best fitted to anyone who has half a brain really. Write the word red into your comic and Philip immediately associates russians and even more so Ivan Drago. I'll try not to go on a tangent here abouthow amazing the Rocky movies are and how stupid Philip is for not liking them and instead I'll just applaud the non pixelation of our comic today. Looks like we made it!(queue music) Now seriously though next week shit is going DOWN between me and Rob, like, really dirty shit. Also he's not a russian he's just in the red corner and he's vilanized because I write the comic and everyone who opposes me gets fucked by my pen.


P.S.: In de butt...I stick my pen there....just puttin that out there.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A very sad day for e-sports

Yesterdays was supposed to be part of the quarterfinals in the League of Legends and it would've all been fine if it hadn't been for the immense amount of internet issues that Riot has had yesterday. Now I do realise that a lot of you people probably never played LoL and don't give a shit about it's e-sports event, now here's the point where this gets interesting! First off the prize money for first price in this tournament is a goddamn million dollars, so yeah, it's kind of a big deal when you lose because of technical issues, and secondly it was RIGHT at the part where a team was storming the goddamn base and now they'll have to have a rematch because the game just fucking broke. Let me explain this in other terms, imagine a soccer game that has gone on for 87 minutes now and one team is up front 5-0. Well they fucking won this game congrats to everyone, but what is that in the sky? Is that a fucking tornado?!Okay everyone get in your cars and drive away as fast as you can! we'll have these teams have a rematch tomorrow! Well wow why would I ever do that if I was the 5-0 team? And fact of the matter is it isn't as obvious in League of Legends, the game isn't over until the base gets stormed, so yeah this is kind of a big deal for the supposedly winning team, and that team is my favourite goddamn team.