Friday, September 24, 2010


Hey people,we´re back with a new comic.Oh look do you see that?That right there in the third panel?Could that be a point?!My god yes it is,we´re actually having story development in here,i mean how awesome is that?!References to popculture are cool and absolutely necessary in a webcomic so my dear P put one in panel 3,if you don´t get it then that´s not all that bad,i didn´t get it either.So yeah enjoy todays comic and expect some promo things in the next few weeks,if you´ve got any good comics on how to get new viewers let us know,just post a comment.

till next week(or maybe sooner?!) adios

P.S.:Where IS that room in our house?And why don´t we use it for something neccesary?We´ll probably never know....or will we?!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Never noticed that poster

Y´know there comes a time in the life of a character from a comic at which he questions the world around him causing all of those little problems that make the fourth wall come crumbling-tumbling down.The layout of our house has never been questioned before and the background has not been the same all the time either.Now is the time to explain all of those problems...MAGIC.Okay i´ve talked enough,enjoy todays comic and be prepared for an epic battle with hordes of zombies and a new character who is a true hero.


P.S. it´s zombie killing aCtion,that typo is all P´s fault as always.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Absolutely unexpected turn of events

Holy smokes,zombies,really guys?Wow damn man i didn´t expect us to use zombies in the new arc,when i said brains i thought we were going for...i dunno.Well yeah zombie arc woohoo!
I don´t think there´s much to talk about,this arc will introduce some running gags and a few things and ideas that we had since starting this comics.Philip really put his heart into this one and it really shows,if you ask me.I put effort into it too by the way but who cares for the writer eh?

ok,till next week,adios



Friday, September 3, 2010


Yes i know todays comic is slightly late BUT it is not my fault and that makes up for it because...well...shut up.It´s absolutely Philips fault so blame him.On a sidenote i would like to rant a bit about casual games and be aware to be offended and to hate me.Look if i had been able to get three other kids into a room back when i was a kid i wouldn´t have been a gamer,it´s easy as that.So in the end,at least for me,every multiplayer game(aside from beat-em-ups because they are fucking AWESOME)is a casual game.I mean what´s the big deal abotu wii sports wii fit and the ps3 and xbox360 peripherals?The thought of casualgaming is solely there for moneygrobbing purposes but dont get me wrong that´s not neccesarily a bad thing since...well...the wii itself is prefect for casual games and it got us great games like metroid prime and okami(i know okami is on ps2 too but shut up).Oh yeah umm next week is the start of the new arc so be prepared!

until then,adios

P.S.:naaaah just fucking with you,fuck casual games and multiplayergames are win...very often.