Sunday, April 24, 2016

Proctology and rectal exams

Whistle when it gets uncomfortable.*whistles* I can't hear you over how deep I am inside your asshole!
I am afraid of my own mind sometimes, one such time was when I came up with todays comic for some inexplicable reason. In my own defense, I was probably just thinking of fisting when I concocted this comic...wait that's a terrible defense isn't it?
Soooooo uh...rainbows right? Nope still terrible....I should just shut up rather than keep talking and digging my own grave.


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hide yo kids hide yo wife HIDE YOSELF

For a renovated house his room looks to be in a shit state.
Few things in existance are scarier than Philip and Louis with a weapon, I remember back in our schooldays sitting next to each other Louis had this terrible habit of taking a pair of scissors and spinning them around the entire period and it always scared the shit out of me.
I don't really have many other things to talk about, i had this interesting parallel to racism in a philosophy class recently where the wrong lesson to take out of things seems correct because it is logical, you know the whole foreigners come into our country and things get shitty thing, terrible logic, they often come into your country BECAUSE things are shitty on a global scale and most of the time it has no effect on you but it seems to because from A follows B but when A is wrong who cares what it's conclusion is? Explaining the parallel in detail would just bore you though so I'll leave it at this.


Sunday, April 10, 2016


Every once in a while a game comes along that just grabs Philip and me by the balls and doesn't let go until our friends and family have attempted several interventions. Enter the Gungeon is one such game, with it's crisp animations, cute artstyle, easy to learn hard to master gameplay and just the right amount of gunpowder it's one of those steam games that I would encourage everyone to check out for themselves. Philip usually consumes these games themselves, I often circumvent the need for playing them by watching IMMENSE amounts of let's plays of said game.
Speaking of let's play's here's our youtubechannel!: link.


Sunday, April 3, 2016

The world's finest

Pieces of manmeat.
I've heard a lot of people cry scream and moan about a certain scene in Superman V Batman and I wanna adress that, it'll be my last thing considering that movie I promise!
So here goes:
There's this long setup where Batman is basically just viewing Superman as this big alien beast that the world can't trust because it is different, clearly nothing that would happen in a real world with people from other countries I assure you, but Superman has a problem with Batman's modus opperandi, his manner of conducting business, his blatantly torturing criminals and putting fear in their hearts. This is supposed to be the setup for their inevitable confrontation but many people fail to realise that it really WAS the setup the entire movie through. Somewhere along the way Lex Luthor kidnaps Supermans mother and tells him that in order to save her he must kill Batman, this does not change the fact that Superman would've fought Batman that exact night REGARDLESS, because Batman put the Batsign up again after Superman had told him that if he ever did that he would come after him. The reason the two superheroes fight IS NOT Lex Luthor, it is their clash of ideologies, the only thing Lex is there for is to give Superman a legit reason to KILL Batman, he is not there to force him to fight!
Alright, argumentation done, now for something else, yes this comic only exists because I thought of the two puns: world's finest pieces of manmeat and Batman Superman Doubleteam Dildo.
If one of the two exists in real life I would like to own said dildo and proudly display it in a trophy case.


P.S.: Actually strike that last part, I don't see how a doubleteam dildo could be something for a man, I'll have my two seperate sextoys.

P.P.S.:My THREE seperate sex toys, they ARE the trinity after all.