Friday, June 29, 2012

The evolution of apocalypse

To clarify things right away here, no one asked me about my political ideas and no one gives two shits about my two cents about matters but listening to the whole thing going on in the news for some reason my first thought was: nazis on dinosaurs. A normal human would think nazis on dinosaurs are enough but no, we here at unlimitedammo take it upon ourselves to change the way people see ridiculous ideas by making them even more over the top and stupid and thus i present you people on nazi dinosaurs! Needless to say that the geniuses who brought you nazi dinosaurs will keep up their work at inventing hilariously stupid concepts such as the hammer behind glass that needs a hammer to break which is behind...I think you know what I'm getting at.


Friday, June 22, 2012

From the phones of,well,me

Typing with the mobile phone is not really my forte but i'll try to cope by saying that i am proud and then making louis write the rest of the post so here goes:
Blaaaaargh i'm insane bitches imma firing mynlazors shoopdawhooop!!! No srysly im just a random dude and i don't know what ti write coz i got zero expirience with this so... I guess have fun with the comic?

Friday, June 15, 2012

A comic without teenage mutant ninja (alien) turtles

Once every thousand centuries the stars align and cows start singing songs about babies getting killed by a man with a huge scythe in the first two circles of hell and when that time comes then there is a joke I MAKE that PHILIP thinks is too silly to make into a comic and behold for that time has come. I wanted to have master splinter kick Gregs mom while three of us pulled out what we're pulling out in todays comic and philip tell him to stop that. OH WELL you'll never see that comic now.
I do admit my idea was rather silly but it gave me a reason to put teenage mutant ninja turtles in the title to whore out for potential google hits.
Everything went better than expected.


Friday, June 8, 2012

Violence is not the answer

It wasn't actually my intention to portray myself in a more reasonable fashion than the others but I just have the feeling that the other characters in the comic are alot more attracted to violence than I am. I've done a test about which level of hell I'd be in(it's in the header, go do it and post your results in the comments!) and aside from my rather strict attitude against most forms of religion there isn't anything particularly "evil" about me really so I suppose giving the logical solution to our problem here would probably be like me in a way.
Philip would blow shit up if he could.
No really, don't give that kid any explosives, he'd go GTA on your asses.
Make a plane spawn right above you and kersplash,that's the kinda guy he is.


Friday, June 1, 2012

For he's a jolly good fellow!

Today we are celebrating Philip's birthday(it was on the 28th of this month if you didn't realise it yet!) and thus I am at his place with the guy from two comics ago and someone who is sadly too unimportant to be cameo'd in our comic(awww). As this day marks his 19th year in the world(plus minus two days,no one really counts that right) we have come together to play videogames and...welll we pretty much just play videogames really. Right now we are eating pizza and uploading a comic and just to stop you from EXPLODING in jealousy I shall quickly change the topic. Todays comic was based on the premise of the entire arc which is bluntly put: YOUR MOM IS FAT!. which is an ageold idea that I totally stole from the Binding of Isaac. I'm a thief a gamer and very hungry so shush you I shall now go eat!