Friday, June 1, 2012

For he's a jolly good fellow!

Today we are celebrating Philip's birthday(it was on the 28th of this month if you didn't realise it yet!) and thus I am at his place with the guy from two comics ago and someone who is sadly too unimportant to be cameo'd in our comic(awww). As this day marks his 19th year in the world(plus minus two days,no one really counts that right) we have come together to play videogames and...welll we pretty much just play videogames really. Right now we are eating pizza and uploading a comic and just to stop you from EXPLODING in jealousy I shall quickly change the topic. Todays comic was based on the premise of the entire arc which is bluntly put: YOUR MOM IS FAT!. which is an ageold idea that I totally stole from the Binding of Isaac. I'm a thief a gamer and very hungry so shush you I shall now go eat!


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  1. "Big bones" taken to a whole new level, i suppose...