Friday, October 28, 2011

Special thanks to Danielle...

...just for being there,cuz the unicorn was drawn by Philip. Anyone remember Danielle? The girl that drew the Guest comics for three weeks when Philip wasnt there? No? No one? Really? Wait you don´t even know who Philip is?! Oh come on!I know I´m awesome but guys Philip really puts a shitload of work into this stuff! Like he draws and stuff and he makes unicorns and he writes comics that make absolutely no sense...okay strike the last part I´ll never let him do that again. Nah but seriously hope you enjoy todays comic and that you don´t notice that it´s just cut together old comicparts...wait I shouldn´t have said that. No Philip DO-

-adios,D and totally not P who just punched D unconcious with a pan.

P.S.:I like the sparkles because I´m totally gay and stuff,like,for realz-
signed by D.

Friday, October 21, 2011

It´s that time of the year again!

Hey guys and gals it´s make your own ending week again! Our annual celebration yeah Louis birthday! Okay the idea of make your own ending week had nothing to do with his birthday BUT STILL I am now pronouncing this day and idea as a celebratory gift for his birthday! So yeah you can make your own ending for this one or you don´t, I think it´s fairly obvious what the punchline is and I must say I am rather proud of it, this very welly portraits what TV teaches the children these days. I´ll shut up now so to not kill the funny!


P.S.: You had it comming Dora, you had it comming.
P.P.S.:The girl in the third panel is our dear friend Paula,Louis girlfriend,so it is infact a gift to both...yes we give him a thorough raping of his gf...or not...your choice!

Friday, October 14, 2011

What has it come to

No I´m not mentally or emotionally scarred and thus came up with this comic and no I don´t have inner problems...okay maybe I do...but showing that was NOT my intention with this comic!Do you remember the good old days of TV where we had idols that we´d look up to and series´ that we´d watch week after week?Tell me just one series you watch every time it´s on like once a week on monday or tuesday or whatever. Do you watch it on tv?Or do you watch it on the internet with far less ads and such nuisances?Well I´ll tellya something if this trend of detoriating Tv watchers and Tv shows keeps going then one day the ads will stop speaking to you telling you how your life could be better!They´ll stop telling you how to better your life and just laugh at the fact that they are intervening the series you are watching right now. When you can safely say:"People have put more thought into the ad I´m watching right now than in the shows I was watching." then something is fucking wrong!
Bottomline:Seriously?Jersey shore?Why TV why? Have I ever erred you in such a huge way that you have to torture me with "The situation"?FFS really?Who watches that shit!?And why do I know one of the people in the series?I used to look up to you TV!But you let me down!

Thank you for listening,that is all,adios,D.

P.S.:I have not forgotten you Dora,you are next on the hatelist!

Friday, October 7, 2011


I thought that after so much exposition and sensemaking(yes that is a word,yes I just said that and yes I honestly think the last couple weeks worth of comics made sense) we needed some short comics for the lulz and I think with this one we actually achieved it pretty much. I like it,I think it´s funny and I also seriously think that that friggin bear is evil...look at them eyes!

-till next time,adios,D.

P.S.: And then we reveal that the dog is evil!But won´t that confuse the people?No no we make him do THIS with his eyes...(!)