Friday, October 14, 2011

What has it come to

No I´m not mentally or emotionally scarred and thus came up with this comic and no I don´t have inner problems...okay maybe I do...but showing that was NOT my intention with this comic!Do you remember the good old days of TV where we had idols that we´d look up to and series´ that we´d watch week after week?Tell me just one series you watch every time it´s on like once a week on monday or tuesday or whatever. Do you watch it on tv?Or do you watch it on the internet with far less ads and such nuisances?Well I´ll tellya something if this trend of detoriating Tv watchers and Tv shows keeps going then one day the ads will stop speaking to you telling you how your life could be better!They´ll stop telling you how to better your life and just laugh at the fact that they are intervening the series you are watching right now. When you can safely say:"People have put more thought into the ad I´m watching right now than in the shows I was watching." then something is fucking wrong!
Bottomline:Seriously?Jersey shore?Why TV why? Have I ever erred you in such a huge way that you have to torture me with "The situation"?FFS really?Who watches that shit!?And why do I know one of the people in the series?I used to look up to you TV!But you let me down!

Thank you for listening,that is all,adios,D.

P.S.:I have not forgotten you Dora,you are next on the hatelist!


  1. I enjoyed the comic and its poignancy, and I am a big fan of different fonts for that advertising feel, but then you asked SO MANY QUESTIONS in your post that it killed my funny and made me think about The Situation. (The cure?

    TV has not yet let me down, but broadcasters have. There are plenty of intelligent and funny shows on, but I just can never watch them live. Ever since I owned a VCR and subsequent upgrades, I have avoided all commercials.

    That is also my justification for torrenting.

    I'd avoid any channel named Channel Insult. Unless they make TV more interactive.

  2. Goddammit Deniz, stop killing the funny of our viewers! >.<

  3. Ît was not my intention to kill the funny actually,I like this angry crazy mood that I get into sometimes and this time I was really just faking most of it. I mean my hate for Dora is real but the other stuff is mostly just a joke.

  4. Also you have just killed all the funny in the world for me with that youtube video...thank you.