Friday, April 27, 2012

It's funny cuz I still don't see it

I swear when I downloaded todays comic I did not see the HDness of it but we all know that Philip wouldn't screw me over by saying that the comic now has a better quality right?...right?
I usuallly don't feel bad about not having much work or doing much of anything at all but recently I've been thinking that I do too little for this comics future and it's present. Then I see these incredibly long english texts that I write and am reassured that I am infact doing very much and Philip and me are equal partners, I love it when problems are solved this easily.


Friday, April 20, 2012


Yarr ask me about LOOM™ and I shall tell ye, yarr. So yeah exposition was too boring for our little best bud Philip and what he threw at me in todays mailbox was this. An animated  Monkey Island version of our comic with our favourite guest stars Mr Blot and Fox screwing us all over because Fox is an idiot! I have to put a great amount of thinking as to how we´ll go on with this style of comic, since I really feel that this should be a thing we do once in a while but it has to suit the joke well and should also use the animations to their greatest extent. While slightly puzzled I feel that a great step has made in our comic with todays feature and, while I usually don´t do this, this time I´d ask you guys to show this comic to friends. I know asking for advertisement is always kinda icky on the internet but recently I feel that we´ve gotten to a very presentable stage with this and... I dunno I guess I´m just amazed by animated things I mean LOOK AT BLOTS LIPS MOVING!


Because I felt like it.

Friday, April 13, 2012


On the one hand I´d very much like to discuss todays comic because a lot of thought went into this joke but on the other hand: THE WHOLE BLOGSPOT LAYOUT IS SO DIFFERENT. Okay okay first things first I kinda like the new layout even though it scared me at first,it´s very stylish and smartlooking. Now about the comic, I want to relink you to a video of a man we kind of have a mancrush in that´s about it really just a big ol'mancrush. He used Greg in one of his pictures and now we use his character in one of our comics but since we´re smart we have not once said the name Blot so that he doesn't get a reasonable reason to sue us. But seriously go watch his stuff and don't tell him that we rushed using his original character in one of our stories without asking him.


P.S.:We're pretty sure he wouldn't sue us, don't take that stuff seriously. I'm not scared of the guy who tortures his stuffed animals, that clearly represent part of his psyche.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Missed opportunity

While I wrote this one I entirely forgot that it´s Easter today BUUUUUUT since I used todays comic for making fun of Philip and the text suddenly is slanted to the right what the hell...well long story short I have already made a bunny joke and Philip isn´t into drawing girls for some reason so any Playboy joke would´ve been for naught. Well Happy Easter,have fun searching eggs and um...expect blood comming out of Philips bunny in the next few comics.