Friday, April 27, 2012

It's funny cuz I still don't see it

I swear when I downloaded todays comic I did not see the HDness of it but we all know that Philip wouldn't screw me over by saying that the comic now has a better quality right?...right?
I usuallly don't feel bad about not having much work or doing much of anything at all but recently I've been thinking that I do too little for this comics future and it's present. Then I see these incredibly long english texts that I write and am reassured that I am infact doing very much and Philip and me are equal partners, I love it when problems are solved this easily.



  1. Well, to be honest, that was pretty much my first impression as well. But thats only a minor change. The big change is, that I drew the last 99 3/4 Comics with my Asus Multitouch Netbook and that I´m now drawing on a professional grafic-tablet. The resolution is bigger on my new one and doesn`t have that annoying little 'blind spot' that he Asus had. But we`ll see...