Friday, April 20, 2012


Yarr ask me about LOOM™ and I shall tell ye, yarr. So yeah exposition was too boring for our little best bud Philip and what he threw at me in todays mailbox was this. An animated  Monkey Island version of our comic with our favourite guest stars Mr Blot and Fox screwing us all over because Fox is an idiot! I have to put a great amount of thinking as to how we´ll go on with this style of comic, since I really feel that this should be a thing we do once in a while but it has to suit the joke well and should also use the animations to their greatest extent. While slightly puzzled I feel that a great step has made in our comic with todays feature and, while I usually don´t do this, this time I´d ask you guys to show this comic to friends. I know asking for advertisement is always kinda icky on the internet but recently I feel that we´ve gotten to a very presentable stage with this and... I dunno I guess I´m just amazed by animated things I mean LOOK AT BLOTS LIPS MOVING!


Because I felt like it.