Friday, August 27, 2010

Pun Hour

I´m still pretty happy about the drawings i mean,dayemn,it´s hard to draw comics.Salute to Philip for that,really,seriously,i don´t appreciate the guy enough i mean look at his drawings.Ok so today something about Greg,we´ve not had him in enough yet and throughout the next arc he will be very important really,I´ll not give too much away but writing the arc that´s comming next took me a lot of Braaaaaaains(hah they´ll never get that joke).Ok then i have a lot on my schedule for today so


Friday, August 20, 2010

P is back!

Oh wondrous joy,oh the happines,FINALLY drawings that are befitting of Philip.Why do i have good drawings you ask?because Philip is back from japan and drew a new comic.I can finally make jokes that are hard to draw again,this feels amazing!Okay enough of that,so Philip is back and todays comic is about that,there´s not much more to say,enjoy and be ready for the start of an interesting arc soon.

Enjoy and adios!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Pun(y) excuses

I swear that the reason for todays late comic was lag.You see when computers were first made...yeah that´s when my pc was made too,it´s old,it´s carved into stone,it runs on dos,the printer is a man with a stonetablet who carves the pics in,IT´S OLD! So the lack pretty much killed me while working on the comic BUT i finished it and i personally think the joke works well even with the crappiest drawings you´ve ever seen in your entire life.So enjoy the last of my drawings for next week we shall have Philip draw again(JOY AND HAPINESS I DON´T HAVE TO DRAW EVER AGAIN).I´d appreciate input on todays comic because i don´t know if the punchline is obvious enough for everyone to understand.


Friday, August 6, 2010

She was 11 BUT she had a teddy

Okay today i present you ANOTHER Copypasta comic which i think is pretty okay,the jokes in it are a little flat though.tbh i couldn´t come up with much for this one but once Philip is back you´ll get loads and LOADS of funny wity and unbelievably awesome content so stay tuned.
Also this weeks comic might get a notch funnier if you watch this :
Till then adios