Sunday, June 30, 2013

He's not a smart man

He is actually quite good at building things but there's just this step between comming up with something and building it that Philip has never quite gotten to. Philip is pretty skilled at building things, much better with pc's than I am but comming up with things is NOT his thing, he's resourceful and he could probably build a flamethrower from scratch but then what is he supposed to do with that aside from random destruction? Actually that would probably be exactly what he'd want to do with that...but building binoculars? That would also lead to destruction. I mean he made me Grog once out of a LOT of dangerous stuff and I TO THIS DAY believe that he had a glimmer of sadness in his eyes that I didn't drink the mixture of battery acid and tirepieces.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Not too sure where to go with this

On one hand I could comment on the costume Philip chose for Greg to wear in this comic and go into great detail on the topic of people being spyed on by the government but the truth of the matter is, for once I really didn't read into the topic at all and didn't do research on the subject matter because it all just feels so surreal. On the other hand I could just talk about our current storyline and what'S ahead of us but I don't feel like doing that either, I really feel like commenting on the state of the comic that we're currently in because it's a strange tranquil silence that we have reached here. I've been making this comic with Philip for quite some time now and we've gotten positive resonance by the people that we know and love and even some people that we don't know and some people that we don't love ( I'm looking at you...yeah you, you know who you are) but I feel like I could've done more to push this project as well as the feeling I can't shake that the way it is now is perfectly fine because anything beyond the boundaries of people I pretty much know is a scary scary thing indeed. Have you ever made a project that you just did for fun and you were showing it around and people reacted well? Well I have and it's a pretty good feeling, but if people had booed me out while I was on stage singing or if people had fun of most of the creative writing I've done in the past then I'm not sure what I would've done. I'm thinking about all the times where I was sort of an exhibit for the people around me and I've never been reaced poorly towards but I'm very much wondering if the limited amount of people I've been exposing my work to is at fault or if my work is actually fairly decent. Anyways I really just feel like a lazy piece of scum right now and I think I should do a LOT more creative writing than I am currently doing but this'll change now,so, a question to all the people that have read to this point, is anyone who reads this interested in a more serious piece of work that I'm thinking about writing? Maybe even an entire comic with a deeper more serious subject matter and more realistic drawings by Philip, of course not with the same frequency as this comic but here and there some pages of a thing I'm working at currently? Tell me what you think about it if you actually read to that part.


P.S.: I'm also very much interested who actually still reads this comic aside from the few friends and people I know that read it but calling out Lurkers destroys the whole concept behind Lurkers now doesn't it?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ramblings about consoles

Nobody stops me from giving out my opinion on burning pitchforks so now I'll spend another blogpost talkng about the console wars, completely disregarding computers! Well...umh...actually I pretty much said everything I meant to say already...some minor things have changed but my opinion on the matter should be clear enough by now I'm not entirely sure why people or one singular person reacted poorly to my ramblings about the topic when E3 wass  pretty much the peak of the entire topic anyways. In other news, I'm happy that I finally got to start a new storyline, really I love making long rows of jokes in rapid succesion and it's easiest for me to write those in a more or less complete sequitur. Oh yeah and I watched Man of Steel with Philip the other day, pretty good movie it's worth the price of admision on the action scenes alone and I really hope they make a sequel.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I am exhausted and stupid

Phil here. This again is an unauthorised comic. Why? Because Deniz wrote some good lines, but it is sooo fucking warm and humid plus after a loong day of work I wasn`t quite in the shape to bound his highness's epicalodon of a comic on paper. AND. And I've forgotten to attach the comic to the mail. Sorry Bro.

Ciao, Phil.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Philip doesn't know what Cunnilingus means

He called the comic Cunnilingus Planicus...I don't know if he noticed that that sounds like a sex act and not the roman version of a cunning plan. Anyone else looking forward to the Superman movie? Hm I feel like I forgot something...oh yeah SUCK IT XBONE.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Snakes under a sink

This was Philips idea and I tollerate that because he'll have to draw a woman in the near future and I know how much that pains him in the arms. It's gonna be a blackhaired girl or maybe the plot twist is that its not a girl at all?!Hah! got you thinking didn't i?


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Googly eyes

I did not expect him to put anime eyes on my looks pretty good doesn't it? I don't know...well I have a date infront of me so I'm happy! Not in real life of course because I am a miserable existance filled with agony and despair, buuuut in the comic that my heart goes into. I'm kidding about the miserable existance by the way I'm feeling pretty happy I mean for gods sakes I have anime eyes! How unhappy can you be with anime eyes?


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Remember me?

This is not gonna be a formal or informal review of the new game remember me, infact it has nothing to do with that. I bought Philips old computer off of him because i was using a rather old laptop for my online gaming the past few years and frankly it did not go that well. So this computer probably remembers this website in some gooey white way shape or form. Isn't gooey and white already a way shape or form? well fuck you too Mister knowitallpants! So here's the second comic of our new arc and I don't think Philip realised that he has to draw a girl at the end of this and a reoccuring one at that. Maybe he'll read this and find out...or maybe he won't which would be even funnier.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

We are not good with humons

It feels so GOOD to have an arc finally again. And what an arc it is indeed, I have planned this earlier last year to be honest during a test we wrote in school and I am immensely proud of how it's gonna turn out!Be prepared for shenanigans and a new character!

until then-Adios,D.