Sunday, June 2, 2013

We are not good with humons

It feels so GOOD to have an arc finally again. And what an arc it is indeed, I have planned this earlier last year to be honest during a test we wrote in school and I am immensely proud of how it's gonna turn out!Be prepared for shenanigans and a new character!

until then-Adios,D.


  1. I should be more careful with merging layers in Photoshop. The table layer is oddly enough on Top of the stove Layer. Welp, I could imagine Louis is so hot, his pure suaveiness is boiling the water.

  2. But I thought D liked men :o

    plot twist xD

  3. With your charisma, I can't say I would be suprised for you to meet a girl which is amazing by your definition. (And I'm not even being sarcastic here.) You're being to hard on yourself.

    However, for me to have something like that to happen the apocalypse must have been over for a few years already. Wonder how that would turn out... :D