Friday, December 30, 2011

A true hero!

At desperate times he comes forth from the shadows seeking to destroy all that is unjust in the world! No wait that´s some character that isn´t completely stupid, what´s the idea behind Striking Logic again? Oh yeah, he comes out to kick people in the face that make no sense. I´m pretty sure that´ll come in handy one day but I´m not exactly certain on the circumstances... Well that said, it´s New Years Eve tomorrow and we´ve planned on a party with lots of booze and bitches and, who am I kidding? We´re gonna play Videogames and feel cool because we´ve stayed up long enough to barely miss the Fireworks since we fell asleep at 23:59. Not so manly a story for me but one of epic proportions for a personality of Philip´s magnitude! I am such a douchebag.


P.S.:Happy New Year to all!When it´s finally New Year that is. Also that story up there was just to make my parents feel at ease, hoes and wine all ze time!Oh and it was partially to insult Philip,BYEEEEEEE!

Friday, December 23, 2011

That´s what the nose is there for

Okay I admit I feel kinda bad about this punchline but we´re supposed to be funny and harsh and I think I have portrayed hat rather well. Now to explain some chars Denis, Patrick and Paula were all in the comic at one point and they are real life friends of ours and that was why I thought intending them again was a good idea for the season. And no I am not trying to be politically correct by using this term, Merry Christmas to all and suck on it Republicans. Also just to mention a name again, shout out to our favourite Blogger Rohrschach Redemption, I personally LOVE his Youtubevideos and always laugh my ass of a them, I´m prety amazed at how he writes his jokes and also how he improvises but seriously those things he builds to kill The amazing mister Foxx? The Dog MUST be a metaphor for himself....why does he own a toy he loathes that much? Philip drew this for him checkitout.

-Have a Merry Christmas everyone and eagerly await your presents. Seriously you´ll have to wait,we shot Rudolph,Deniz.

P.S.:In the face.

Friday, December 16, 2011

I swear I tried

I like to think that I have quite the way with words and thus know when to say what and how, my hands though? Well let´s just say I don´t have my way with them all the time. Thus drawing is a horrible pain to both mind and soul to me and every time I have to draw I simply choose the way of least resistance. Today´s comic is quite the example for that, I know how to decorate a picture,where to put what but making it is beyond me to say the least. Philip has some minor problems to face today, in wooden form, and that put me in charge of drawing things. The thought of actually MAKING something with my hands has been approven to be preposterous though and i simply put together a collage of older comics that conveys the same simple storyline as the planned comic with least work involved for me and least unreadability involved for you.
We will get back to making this comic less of an eyesore soon but since we once so wholly promised to always release on Friday Friday,gotta get down on Friday, this is as much as I can do.


P.S.: There is no joke here which I apologise for but exposition is neccesary sometimes as we all know, if you have any complaints about that tell me and I shall offer a different storyline.

[FIXED] P here, sorry for the late upload, but I took an arrow to the knee. ''I'' as in ''Train'' and ''Arrow'' as in ''Tree''. 3 1/2 Hours too late :/

Friday, December 9, 2011


I must admit, I have no clue how to go on with this arc. I mean sure I planned out a lot of the things in here and even details are in the plan but the whole picture, like, where we will be next week, in which house, I really have no idea how to go on with that. Choices Choices. On a sidenote about choices there is a funny occurance in Europe at the time, quite peculiar actually, there was a very high participation rate at some European/Asian vote just recently. Some might even call the incredible 140% of Russian voters participating bullshit but no siree, no such thing from me. Because I know that if i say something bad Babushka doll people will come and punch my goddamn head in....I have a little feud with the russians...and Philip...well he has one man called comrade raggedy.

P.S.: Da comrade Deniz I have indeed such a Comrade.

Friday, December 2, 2011

On our way

I´ve been looking at the viewercounter recently and boy has it gone up, I like to imagine that this is really due to the rise in quality of drawings and jokes alike. Really I think we´ve come up with some nice things recently, I mean, I am not trying to say we´re perfect or even good already but I really believe we´re on our way to mediocrity and maybe, just maybe, we can achive even some kind of decency with this. I´d like to thank everyone for supporting us and visiting our blog and I really appreciate your visits and the such, thank you for comming here.

So yeah we had to jump on the bandwagon of bashing Charlie Sheen over the web and yes this is still in line with our current storyarc. Even though I see some plotholes here and there...such a Striking Logic.
oh oh


P.S.: The characters newly depicted in todays comic are Charles and Allen, Archdemons and also the father and the uncle of Greg. Though these are not the one´s he used to know( DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN)