Friday, December 23, 2011

That´s what the nose is there for

Okay I admit I feel kinda bad about this punchline but we´re supposed to be funny and harsh and I think I have portrayed hat rather well. Now to explain some chars Denis, Patrick and Paula were all in the comic at one point and they are real life friends of ours and that was why I thought intending them again was a good idea for the season. And no I am not trying to be politically correct by using this term, Merry Christmas to all and suck on it Republicans. Also just to mention a name again, shout out to our favourite Blogger Rohrschach Redemption, I personally LOVE his Youtubevideos and always laugh my ass of a them, I´m prety amazed at how he writes his jokes and also how he improvises but seriously those things he builds to kill The amazing mister Foxx? The Dog MUST be a metaphor for himself....why does he own a toy he loathes that much? Philip drew this for him checkitout.

-Have a Merry Christmas everyone and eagerly await your presents. Seriously you´ll have to wait,we shot Rudolph,Deniz.

P.S.:In the face.


  1. One does not simply sleigh ride into Mordor!

  2. I am very flattered to be in one of your comics again. (And ashamed that I did not write this comment earlier)The colour is made really well in this one, too.

    However, one question. Why is it me, who has to wield the gun?

  3. I always took you for the kind of guy to ruin Christmas for everyone by shooting Rudolph in the face. Are you trying to say my assumptions on your character were wrong? If so I´ll just delete any comment stating that kthxbai <3