Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Getting lost in a game

In the real world my beard started off with panel 4 and has gotten longer.
Once in a while I will get completely and utterly lost in a game, usually that game is Pokemon and I will spent a metric shitton of time just breeding and IV training Pokemon (I probably talked about this already if not, look it up, it's insane) but recently it's been Terraria. It snuck up on me to be honest, they had another big update full of content so a friend of mine asked me if we wanted to play said update together and at first he was MUCH more hype about the whole thing than me, asking me each and every day when I could get back home and be ready to play but then it took me over, I had to wait for him to get back and I made several single player maps just to farm stuff.
The realisation that I had a problem came yesterday when I made a spreadsheet about fishing, just plain fishing and how to maximize the items I could reel in.
I really want that turtlemount....


P.S.: You just lost the game, yeah I'm bringing that shit back, suck it.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The new Fantastic Four movie

Thing smash! Wait, even the comics have made that joke before...
Disclaimer: Absolutely noone involved with us thought that this trailer or any other tailer of the new fantastic four movie was "not that bad", this movie looks to have made some reaaaaaaally questionable decisions and I cannot and WILL NOT just be okay with johnny and susam storm probably being only halssiblings.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Once robots take over, all arguments will become silly

Next week, straight up murdering people for no discernable reason and in gruesome detail.
This comic was Philip's idea and I didn't get it at first but then I got it which is why I preface this by saying that it was Philip's idea.
I've been watching It's always sunny in Philadelphia again and that goddamn serious really ALWAYS manages to shock me in the most profound ways. It just baffles me how horrible human beings can be shown to you but still made somehow relatable or at the very least you can be made to feel bad for them (as evidenced for me in the christmas episode, I even felt for Dennis in that one!).
In other news, the new Terraria update is great and I've been playing it with an old friend of mine a LOT now, we're not even at hardmode yet because I suck and because we're being pestered by another "friend", man do you ever have these guys in your group that noone like but that still always somehow show up? I hate that shit and I spend every waking moment thinking if I'm that guy for some group.


Sunday, July 19, 2015

I don't have a hidden agenda!

There's an alternate version of this comic with two men and a female baby saying mama but they both just cry out in joy.
Let me explain myself here! My parents are friends with a lovely lesbian couple that have just recently gotten a child and they were over for dinner, so I was playing around with their little baby son because the other's wanted to eat and I'm generally really good at calming children, and while I'm carrying him around the house, rocking him slightly so that he doesn't cry, I get this idea of his first word being daddy and of course it spins sliiightly out of control.
Now as I said this isn't some sort of jab at any people out there I just thought this would be funny but with my recent comics basically ALL being horrible horrible things I thought I'd explain myself here, again, this came out of a totally natural situation and wasn't me sitting in a dark dingy room, sharpening my knives planning an attack, I don't do attacks on anyone!


P.S.: I love how the gender of a character is basically defined by their hair.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Batman vs Superman, never has any thing been this hype except for Evo maybe

The red capes are comming, the red capes are comming!
Did noone else think that the thing on Luthor's head was a wig? I mean it just looked so off. Most people who's opinion I heard thought that he'd lose his hair because of the radioactivity emitting from the kryptonite and I get that and agree but the wiginess of it...nanana nanana getting wiggy with it.
In other Batman v Superman related news, Wonder Woman looked ok but what I cared most about was the fact that there is a Jason Todd in this universe giving the posibillity to one of my favourite storylines of all time, the red hood storyline.


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hot steamy and sexy

I get competitive about EVERYTHING. Also is it me or do the bushy eyebrows make me look like the father from American pie?
There are several things that need to be addressed with this comic, so I will do this.
1: Rocket League is a car football game, the sequel to supersonic acrobatic rocket powered battlecars, a GREAT insider ps3 game that was highly praised on all the forums I watched for 4player splitscreen games, it is now out on steam too so you should get it if you're into multiplayer games, I liked the first game better because there was more stage variety but rocket league is much more competitive.
2: it's been really hot in Germany the past week and that's why we're all wearing so little clothes.
3: I told Philip to just show Louis and Greg in the doorframe and not to show a very sexy sweating Alice in underwear, so this is not a sign of my unhealthy obsession with her but Philip's decision as an artist!
4: If I was into the whole bending over thing that would be my business and my business alone.


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

In honour of Donald trumps Quadrennial announcement of campaigning

And Philip even said he had problems drawing the hair.
I usually refrain from political comics but this guy, this fucking guy, every four years he says he'll campaign for the presidency then he ALWAYS says a BUNCH of things that could be "misconstrued" as racist and then he usually backs down because america is just not quite ready yet for his brilliance!
I just love this guy and as a german he has my vote because my vote doesn't matter one bit.
If my vote did matter I wouldn't vote for him but then again I wouldn't vote for anyone currently in the presidential race.


Sunday, July 5, 2015

One man's misfortune

I hadn't even noticed until Philip pointed out that this is also a great Robin Williams homage, maybe a little grim that he's being paid homage to by the grim reaper.
is never truly another man's fortune. I don't know, I'm feeling sappy today and I felt kind of bad for the last comic, it left a bitter aftertaste to reach another low in our comic and while I strive for even more offensive jokes I still think that every here and there I can write a heartwarming comic.
In other news, I just watched John Wick and it was fucking amazing, it had it's weak points no doubt but overall and mostly the first three fourths of the movie are just great.
I'm also currently reading Hyperion and that book is also sweet as heck.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New things to learn about Louis

I don't really want to add much here, we had this planned for a while, when Philip backstabbed me with the whole ritual thing and Louis was totally for it I decided to pay the favour back so I wrote the retcon ritual and this comic.


P.S.: The irony of this comic comming out during the proudest hour of gay pride is not lost on me but we had this planned for a while.