Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hot steamy and sexy

I get competitive about EVERYTHING. Also is it me or do the bushy eyebrows make me look like the father from American pie?
There are several things that need to be addressed with this comic, so I will do this.
1: Rocket League is a car football game, the sequel to supersonic acrobatic rocket powered battlecars, a GREAT insider ps3 game that was highly praised on all the forums I watched for 4player splitscreen games, it is now out on steam too so you should get it if you're into multiplayer games, I liked the first game better because there was more stage variety but rocket league is much more competitive.
2: it's been really hot in Germany the past week and that's why we're all wearing so little clothes.
3: I told Philip to just show Louis and Greg in the doorframe and not to show a very sexy sweating Alice in underwear, so this is not a sign of my unhealthy obsession with her but Philip's decision as an artist!
4: If I was into the whole bending over thing that would be my business and my business alone.


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