Sunday, November 30, 2014

I bought a Ps4 and Binding of Isaac Rebirth was free on psn plus

I really have nothing more to say, I technically would have the time for a MUCH more lenghthy text but goddamnit don't keep me away from my ps4 for longer than you have to!


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

That little thing you do

So Philip always gives the picture a funny little title that none of you probably see most of the times but it always makes me giggle, THIS time however he done fucked up, he didn't call todays comic pi even though it was the 314'th filename so fuck'em!
He also read a joke into today's comic that's real meta and that I might've subconciously put in there but that was not intended at all, I'll let you guys guess which little thing it is.


Sunday, November 23, 2014


Now that is a horrible way of putting what I'm trying to put here isn't it? Manfriends...sounds horrible... but I was thinking that in our little universe Louis and Greg would probably be the bestest of friends considering that they are most alike.
Anyways, we've been watching a few movies these past few weeks, Interstellar, now Nightcrawler which both were great but I've been thinking about another movie a little more and that is the newest Hunger games movie, because I've been reading the books these past few days, well, listened to their audiobooks to be more precise, and they were NOT as good as I thought they would be and I think that the newest movie and the one thereafter won't be that great...won't say anything more until I've seen them I suppose but the books weren't really that good.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Between story and casual

It's really hard for me to write sometimes now I know that sounds stupid because I just sit down for half an hour and then come up with some silly stuff but it's genuinely difficult for me NOT to go for a lenghthy storyline sometimes, we see this again in todays comic. While I kind of steer clear of the idea for our next storyline I still scoot along it in a way and I can't ever shake that. I tried really hard not to go to deep and I think I managed.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Philip is back

How we missed you Philip's drawings.
Yes, how did we miss you? Not like a family member that was overseas for a year now or like internet if it's been out for a week because your provider broke done, not like western society as a whole in a novel that paints the bleakest most terrible post apocalyptic world but rather like modestly useful everyday commodities, we missed you like chocolate chip cookies after a week where mother bought raisin-cookies.
Do i like raisin-cookies? Yes I like it enough but I'm happy that I got chocolate chip back.

So we watched Interstellar on Friday and what can I say? I still want Christopher Nolan's babies but not MUCH more than before, I think Philip's need for Nolan has risen much more than mine.
What I'm basically saying is Philip loved the shit out of Interstellar while I liked it a lot lot but I had slight issues with parts of it, looking back at it though it all seems very insignificant and I now love the movie just as much I think. How does this man not have an oscar yet?
Honestly, why are Nolan's such noncontenders for oscars? They are AMAZING films but while watching them you just KNOW they won't win oscars because they don't have the right subject matter, it's so sad, I honestly believe that ALL of the movies he's made so far are at the top ten of movies over the last 2 decades, dang, all of them are contenders for top 50 movies of all time!


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Non characteristic behaviour

Now we all know that a lot of short stories inbetween the main arcs can't quite be considered canon and todays comic is really prancing on the line. This comic shows me as someone who doesn't beat it and that is NOT what I am like, I beat it a lot alright? Oh and becoming a proteinpowder crazed tool is much more like me than like Philip I guess. But the other thing is much less characteristic!


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Unlimited Ammo Comic the book!

The movie, the game, the boardgame, the musical.
Alright maybe just the book but yes it's a thing that's happening, two books filled with the past few years of comics, editors notes ideas thoughts and the finest goddamn comics we've given you throughout these last years.
It's about 20 bucks for both books and if you wanna have one of these limited edition prints then write us a mail or contact us through the comments or even our Facebook page, we'd be happy to help you get these beautiful beautiful books.
Not sure about shipping yet, we'll plan that stuff out when it comes to it.


P.S.:Oh yeah, Philip had another wisdom tooth removed so todays and wednesdays comics are gonna be by Louis.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The binding of Isaac: Rebirth

If you've been keeping up with Indiegames then I don't ahve to explain todays comic and if you haven't then...explaining it would not do it justice.
I also just wanna go back to playing Isaac so there's not much time for a lengthy post about how FREAKISHLY AWESOME Rebirth is.
Like,seriously, I haven't found a thing that I objectively dislike about the game yet, sure there's still shitty items that fuck you over but that's part of the charm!


Sunday, November 2, 2014


I don't have much of a connection to halloween and neither does Philip.
There isn't much else to say at this point really we both love coming up with crazy ideas for costumes but we never get to wear them because no one invites us to parties or rather noone invites me who know, maybe Philip was invited and didn't tell me about it.