Sunday, November 16, 2014

Philip is back

How we missed you Philip's drawings.
Yes, how did we miss you? Not like a family member that was overseas for a year now or like internet if it's been out for a week because your provider broke done, not like western society as a whole in a novel that paints the bleakest most terrible post apocalyptic world but rather like modestly useful everyday commodities, we missed you like chocolate chip cookies after a week where mother bought raisin-cookies.
Do i like raisin-cookies? Yes I like it enough but I'm happy that I got chocolate chip back.

So we watched Interstellar on Friday and what can I say? I still want Christopher Nolan's babies but not MUCH more than before, I think Philip's need for Nolan has risen much more than mine.
What I'm basically saying is Philip loved the shit out of Interstellar while I liked it a lot lot but I had slight issues with parts of it, looking back at it though it all seems very insignificant and I now love the movie just as much I think. How does this man not have an oscar yet?
Honestly, why are Nolan's such noncontenders for oscars? They are AMAZING films but while watching them you just KNOW they won't win oscars because they don't have the right subject matter, it's so sad, I honestly believe that ALL of the movies he's made so far are at the top ten of movies over the last 2 decades, dang, all of them are contenders for top 50 movies of all time!


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