Sunday, October 31, 2010

Costume party

Okay this thing is something special, we wanted to honour a guy with it, name´s BrandO. He´s pretty famous on the Internet, definetely check his songs out if you haven´t yet. My personal favourite of his is this Batman song, even though I temporarily forgot the name of it. Yeah I don´t think there´s much else to say except what the costumes are Philips costume , my costume and Louis costume. Check BrandO´s stuff out and uh yeah that should be it.

Happy Halloween and adios,D

P.S: Normally he hits chickens to alligators, but this is the prologue to it. And besides, I`m sure he has more than one Amazing Punch

Friday, October 29, 2010

Boss Battle!

Level one ends here! Next week level two of the awesome zombie arc finally starts, be prepared for more....things! Will Philip ever...umm...uh...well I didn´t leave much open now did I?
Oh yeah right who´s the mysterious guy from the long room who´s also in this comic in panel 4? He seems to be telling people when they are stupid and doesn´t like long rooms what might the characteristics of this daring hero be? Find out next week!!! (or maybe later)
Also quick update on things on the page, we´ve now got a globe that shows us and you from where the readers are and be on the watchout for a Sunday update, we want to do something for Halloween and it´s there to honour someone we´re fan of.

Till then, adios D.

P.S.:I may or may not install a chatroom in here, how about some input on that idea?

Friday, October 22, 2010

When suddenly all adds up.

Okay...i let Philip do a lot with this comic and i was fighting with myself but i decided to post it.It´s not what i went for in the written form, this is a very mindless comic and some people might not actually think this is funny but i really like it and if you let go of your mind for a sec then it´s preeeeetty funny.I´ve got nothing to add really it´s just...this was not my first idea but Philip did a good job transforming it to notive how the name of the comic affects the comic itself?heh.

Till next week,D

P.S.:I think i´m not gonna write a crazyass comic for next week too so expect it to be a bit tamer then.

P.P.S.:I wonder if i should let Philip do more things on his own i mean...just look at this.

Friday, October 15, 2010

A special guest

New comic and today´s comic has a special guest!The guy is 10 foot tall and wears a huge pyramid on his head...or is that his head?Well he´s here and he demands rape,anyone wanna give the man what he demands?Good heavens just look at the time i gotta go now,have fun with todays comic and please SOMEONE post some comments or otherwise ashy is gonna think that she´s alone here forever and believe me you don´t wanna be alone with us EVER or need i remind you of the time ?(i love that clock...)
Till next time adios oh and pyramid head normally looks like this so salute to Philip for drawing him this well.

Tell your friends,D

Friday, October 8, 2010

Gore is red,so are Redshirts

Once in the life of every person that wears white shirts and goes into a massslaughter of demons there comes a moment where he has a red shirt and that common problem is being addressed in todays comic.Now,i know that being a "Redshirt" is a tough thing,i mean the mental issues that come with KNOWING that you´re gonna die must be unbelievably tough and i respect them for still going to their job day after day but because Phillip looked like a massslaughtering maniac in the last comic i thought that i should remind you that he still is our "victim".And now that i said that i want to add that he is also small....very....yeah that was about it.

P.S.:If you don´t get todays joke then look at Redshirts.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Been working on the blog a fair bit. We installed a likebutton for all of you that have a facebook account,we recorded some things that may or may not show up on in a while and we also put some info into our "About me" so definetely check that out. Voice-acting was a lot of fun for both of us so P and me we might very well do some animations in the future.
So yeah enjoy todays comic about our weapons and tell us what you think(as always).


PS.:Give us some thoughts on how to advertise and if we should install a tweet in the comment section,we´d like some creative input.

PPS.: Here, for all of those who don´t know what DigDug is.

PPPS.:(the last one i swear)Does anyone else think that P looks friggin crazy in the last panel? Just saying...