Friday, October 29, 2010

Boss Battle!

Level one ends here! Next week level two of the awesome zombie arc finally starts, be prepared for more....things! Will Philip ever...umm...uh...well I didn´t leave much open now did I?
Oh yeah right who´s the mysterious guy from the long room who´s also in this comic in panel 4? He seems to be telling people when they are stupid and doesn´t like long rooms what might the characteristics of this daring hero be? Find out next week!!! (or maybe later)
Also quick update on things on the page, we´ve now got a globe that shows us and you from where the readers are and be on the watchout for a Sunday update, we want to do something for Halloween and it´s there to honour someone we´re fan of.

Till then, adios D.

P.S.:I may or may not install a chatroom in here, how about some input on that idea?


  1. lol whatever that is in the last panel looks like a cross between doctor octopus and that kid from avatar ><

    put up a chatango deniz, so i can leave posts in it that noone will ever read...

    also, me and knicks and/or vanish will troll it occasionally ^^

    - Ashy

  2. you thief! that is my joke! i already did that one the first time that character appeared!

  3. now i know who it reminds me of
    twilight thorn from kh2 that nobody boss in twilight town

  4. frick liz is me, i forgot to log her out

    - Ashy