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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I'd call it the cone of pride cuz that star can't walk anymore

Starfuckers incorporated! He could clearly scratch beyond the cone of shame by the way, his arms are long enough.
It can't walk anymore because it's a star, I think those aren't sentient but even if they are in some weird native american kind of way they still couldn't walk because they don't have legs.
Anyways I wrote this comic because I thought it'd be funny to see a cone of shame around someones dick and it turns out that IS a funny picture.


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Starfuckers Incorporated

Once the rockets are up who cares where they cum...down. #Starfuckers
This is probably the furthest the comic has ever been away from reality, I have fucked stars before, I didn't need a plan I just went up to them and asked them if they wanted to see me naked and of course they did.

And the stars got burned baaaaaaaaad.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The bear will betray him

Betrayal H in every A corner now N even between S the panels.
Do you know that feeling when you go out day in day out at the same time and life just drags you down so much, the weight on your shoulder feels tangible and it slows you down each morning and each evening when you go and come from work/school/university? And then on the weekend you go out without that odd weariness and weight on your shoulders, without the dragging feeling all over your body.
The point of that overly poetic little overture is that we changed internet providers and my internet is much much MUCH faster now so I can play online again and even use my PS4 online without being the lagswitch himself.
What? Oh you thought I was ACTUALLY talking about how life wears me down? Fuck no, everything is going smooth as ever.


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Birds of an anti-simetic Golem feather

The anti-semitic Golem not to be confused with the non racist German, both oxymorons, only one of them with moronic views.
Writing in bulk is always a little weird on the one hand you get to think the entire thing through beforehand and that gives you the most coherent story but on the other hand it only allows you to view most situations from one possibly two vantage points so the entire experience is limited to what you feel and think at the particular point in time where you write the comic.
When I opened this window to post todays comic I admit that I had forgotten what it was even about because it's been a while since I wrote it and since Philip had drawn it, he is currently in Denmark trying to show them the one true way of the Party of Awesome so I really had no reason to think of the comic.
It's a funny one though, nice collaborative work between Philip and me.