If we have offended you at any point but made you laugh at another, let's say we're even.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The guys sell lemonade

I was also considering letting Philip sell papers."Hear yee Hear yee, i have no news for you I just like being annoying."
I really thought that people down in hell would be up for some refreshments but apparently we put up this stand during mandatory curling play hours. They sure know how to torture people in hell.


P.S.: If you actually like curling...I'm soooo sorry.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

9 out of ten times we would totally blow up our house

I love tonday? fronday? what does the mug say?!
I have nothing to say....this is weird...there isn't even a rant here that I want to keep secret so that you don't realise how rotten i TRULY am deep inside, there's just nothing I wanna talk about and neither is there anything in my head.
I had a huge headache and slept half the day so now I'm just blegh in the head.


Sunday, January 31, 2016

Leave the dumb things to dumb people

i tried to fix my p button that got broken a few weeks back...i broke my o button as well.
There's this natural law that whenever a dumb person does something dumb the universe just accepts it as part of their being and so it doesn't punish them for it but whenever I (a particularly smart individual) do dumb shit it ALWAYS ends up fucking me in the ass. A few years ago on new years eve we celebrated with a few of my friends one of which tried to empty out some fireworks into a baggy and then blowing that up luckily that didn't end up working out for him because he couldn't find a fuse, unluckily enough he also threw fireworks on the ground before me which blew up against the ground and jumped right into my face.
Didn't end up giving me a scar but of course I was the one taking the goddamn hit because why not?


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Jacob Bloomfeld the greatest lawyer in hell

This is the start to a terrible sitcom, starting next week on*googles for a terrible tv network then comes up with one on his own* syfy, right, syfy.
And the fact that he's the best in hell is saying something.
This is Louis thing by the way, this is a legit character trait I am giving him.
I'm a terrible person.