I, For One, Welcome Our New PC Master Race Overlords

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Witcher 3 problem

If you modify the .ini files hard enough you MIGHT be able to play Witcher 3 on a log as well...
I got my computer for my 18th birthday and I am currently 22. Back when I was 18 my laptop already wasn't a gaming rig and it has most certainly not gotten better since then, now I don't actually want to play Witcher 3 that badly, it's not really my kind of game and I have never touched either of it's 2 predecessors (though I've dabbled in the boardgame) but it still hurts to see people post these elaborate water mazes that have the single function of cooling just one part of their computer while I'm sitting here burning my legs off when I rest my laptop on, ironically, my lap.
If I was that interested I'd get it for PS4 anyways since pc gamin-

-goodbye, the glorious pc master race...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ten outta ten

He should've built a machine that gets a woman for him or bares the children, it's more likely someone makes the gendermachine until Philip found a woman.
Mad Max was amazing have I mentioned that yet? I haven't done anything else the past week except just being sick so let me just reminisce a little more about it....god it was good.
This comic was mostly Philip's idea but it was initially stupid and now it's still stupid but less stupid....but still really stupid like any idea Philip has ever had, I just wanna remind you of cats in space [sexy dancing lobotomised pidgeon people] which was his proudest achievement idea wise, well he was proud of it, I still wanna punch him for that idea every time I see him.


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mad Max Fury road crowd reactions

This is a completely true representation of actual life, I came, I saw, I came.
This movie was the best action movie I've EVER seen, it was sad how few people were in the cinema with us and I advise each and everyone of you to watch this movie, maybe even several times so that it gets a sequel and even if it doesn't get a sequel I just want Hollywood to know how beloved a good action movie can get.
Yes I do realise that the title is a little clickbaitey, 100% unintentional even though I noticed it.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The seventh son of the seventh son

Even as the first son I am a dissapointment to my family.
Game of thrones and that weird movie that no one cared about that came out recently made me come up with this one, and I know that the seventh son was actually said to have magical powers by some back then but the fact of the matter is that the first son got everything and everyone else got fuck all.