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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hamburgers and their social acceptability

Fun fact: I'm currently sitting in a Hamburger restaurant.
I just noticed recently how people in utopian futures and even some distopian futures make fun of hamburgers as a concept and how people could ever have eaten them(since those stories take place in the future).
Bitch, we ain't gettin' rid of hamburgers in ANY future.


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Getting lost in a game

In the real world my beard started off with panel 4 and has gotten longer.
Once in a while I will get completely and utterly lost in a game, usually that game is Pokemon and I will spent a metric shitton of time just breeding and IV training Pokemon (I probably talked about this already if not, look it up, it's insane) but recently it's been Terraria. It snuck up on me to be honest, they had another big update full of content so a friend of mine asked me if we wanted to play said update together and at first he was MUCH more hype about the whole thing than me, asking me each and every day when I could get back home and be ready to play but then it took me over, I had to wait for him to get back and I made several single player maps just to farm stuff.
The realisation that I had a problem came yesterday when I made a spreadsheet about fishing, just plain fishing and how to maximize the items I could reel in.
I really want that turtlemount....


P.S.: You just lost the game, yeah I'm bringing that shit back, suck it.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The new Fantastic Four movie

Thing smash! Wait, even the comics have made that joke before...
Disclaimer: Absolutely noone involved with us thought that this trailer or any other tailer of the new fantastic four movie was "not that bad", this movie looks to have made some reaaaaaaally questionable decisions and I cannot and WILL NOT just be okay with johnny and susam storm probably being only halssiblings.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Once robots take over, all arguments will become silly

Next week, straight up murdering people for no discernable reason and in gruesome detail.
This comic was Philip's idea and I didn't get it at first but then I got it which is why I preface this by saying that it was Philip's idea.
I've been watching It's always sunny in Philadelphia again and that goddamn serious really ALWAYS manages to shock me in the most profound ways. It just baffles me how horrible human beings can be shown to you but still made somehow relatable or at the very least you can be made to feel bad for them (as evidenced for me in the christmas episode, I even felt for Dennis in that one!).
In other news, the new Terraria update is great and I've been playing it with an old friend of mine a LOT now, we're not even at hardmode yet because I suck and because we're being pestered by another "friend", man do you ever have these guys in your group that noone like but that still always somehow show up? I hate that shit and I spend every waking moment thinking if I'm that guy for some group.