Friday, April 29, 2011

The number of the beast

The devil is gonna reappear soon and yes this here IS still part of the past-arc,it all makes sense. I like how no one actually questions our continuity and yet i try to defend it and make fun of it so much in my commentaries and/or in the comics. So uh yeah pop-culture reference blahblah my pc is shit nahnah I talk about myself all the time then make fun of the whole PSN situation then notice how I didnt mention Philip yet because I´m an egoasshole and now I mentioned him now its fine commentary end.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Another time

Leeeet´s do the tiiimewarp agaaahain. Yeah I know I know these jokes don´t seem to work well with you guys so I guess I´ll change my focus to gaming comics again,those got a surprisingly good feedback viewerwise after all. Philip loves you I love you and frankly I have nothing to say hear I hope the comic is self-explanatory.


P.S.:Philips mustache shall return in NIGHT OF THE LIVING MUSTACHES(yeah not really).

Friday, April 15, 2011

Minor timeproblems

Yeah let´s not talk about any experiments here,that thoroughly failed but let´s talk about the comic a bit. Me and Philip,we´ve been wondering in which time we actually are and that shows in this comic. But seriously did you mourn the Holocaust yet? That shits important! Me as a half turk who uses that whenever he feels like it can make such jokes Philip on the other hand is a german racist nazi ba....naaaah i´m basically more racist but still I think making one or two jokes is okay.


Friday, April 8, 2011

You can´t spell 2D without 3D

...Okay i admit you CAN infact spell 2D without 3D but hey it´s...I....look at the pretty comic,i made Philip do colour AGAIN. Next week it probably won´t be colour but meh I did it today BOW TO MY EVERY WHIM! Yeah so I´ve been bored a lot recently so I thought I´d make a little experiment next week, I shall not acces any computer at all for five full days! I´ll either pre-write Philip a textmessage for next week or I´ll make him write on his own, if that does fit I mean. So uh enjoy todays comic and why not comment while you´re at it?


P.S.:Notice all of the gming comics recently?First Castlevania then Mario,sadly there´s no Mario song from Brand0 otherwirse I´d link that.

Friday, April 1, 2011


If years of different ballcrushingly hard Castlevania games have not made homicidal maniacs out of all Gamers then shooters sure as hell won´t either. With that out of the way there´s a few reasons for this to be in colour one is:FOR TEH LULZ, one is that anything having to do with Castlevania reminds Philip of Brand0 so he has to make it all awesome and stuff. I´m pretty proud of this comic for the art then again the art comes from Philip so I have nothing to be proud of except for the joke or the "message" of this. I am but still the art is just wow let´s all give kudos to Philip for it.

Well that was that,adios,D.