Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is out

My favourite game in my favourite genre just came out and I bought a copy, WHY AM I EVEN HERE RIGHT NOW?!

So who's digging the new pixelated style? It isn't related to missing time due to loads of gaming and work and some laziness AT ALL. It's actually an elaborate scheme to make the reveal of roberts final design a lot more awesome.

That's of course a lie,do you really think Philip could make a scheme?He sometimes forgets to wear pants for gods sake.


P.S.:I like to forget my pants too, a pantsless life is a good life as Gandhi once said.

P.S.S.:What do you mean Ghandi never said that?!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Love'em or hate'em

There's always these controversial things in life like movies being good, enjoyably bad or just plain bad, music and the different types of it and then there's people...generally speaking a lot of people have agreed on one fact: we humans kinda suck! And if you hate every human equally you can viably explain racism as part of your personal daily agenda. I like this take on humanity of course sometimes more than other times because it gives me the chance to make hateful comments in a childish joking manner while actually really hating the person that I'm bashing at that particular moment but that is all fun and games and just general dismay towards humanity, what really hits us is this one guy, this one Melvin Purvis to our John Dillinger, this JFK to our mafia and of course this Winston Churchill to our Hitler, and we hate that person, not because he deserves it but because he is our antithesis. Well...I think I found a real friend in Robert already...


P.S.: Why was I the bad guy in all of those analogies? Because I described myself as a hate and spiteful being there.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


There is a certain part in every gamers heart that pumps blood in a certain rythm, that part is the center of all that is fanboy, and we really truly all have it. There are four things that I myself get worked up over if something says or does something related to it. I fucking hate casual games because playing with friends only works in sports, only playing against them is the true mark of a gamer(has changed over the recent games but partygames usually mean something like well having a party and that's really pushing the social acceptiveness of us gamers!) secondly I LOVE Kingdom Hearts and will defend it to the goddamn death thirdly as someone who started gaming with consoles I will take them over Pc's EVERYday and fourthly and the reason for todays comic is, I am a Sony Fanboy and think that XBOX is the entirely worst console of our generation. I have reasons for that but...oh well I don't feel like explaining as I am a little sick.


P.S.: Ironically Philip is sick too which explains the graphics of todays comic.I kinda like my face here though.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

New neighbours new shenanigans

I'd usually go about my weekly routine and write a very long text here that no one reads anyway but this week I'll only make a promise:

Our new NEIGHbour will not be a horse.

Yes thank you thank you I know I'm the funniest guy ever yeah I'm here all week and I give autographs too and yes I'll have sex with all the groupies after the show thanks, no don't stand up I don't need standing ovations for that joke.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

A little late on this

Yes I do realise that curiosity has been on mars for quite some time now but to be honest I just had so many things I wanted to write about before that and I didn't particularly care about it in the first place. The big factor in making this comic was that Philip made it and I find it to be quite entertaining and that Neil Armstrong died which I thought deserved some form of space related shenanigans. Now while I do see the great achievement in Curiosity and I do understand what posibilities it may hold for us I also feel that exploring space should be put AFTER exploring ourselves and we know less about the human brain and the ocean than we do about the space isn't that kind of sad?