Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is out

My favourite game in my favourite genre just came out and I bought a copy, WHY AM I EVEN HERE RIGHT NOW?!

So who's digging the new pixelated style? It isn't related to missing time due to loads of gaming and work and some laziness AT ALL. It's actually an elaborate scheme to make the reveal of roberts final design a lot more awesome.

That's of course a lie,do you really think Philip could make a scheme?He sometimes forgets to wear pants for gods sake.


P.S.:I like to forget my pants too, a pantsless life is a good life as Gandhi once said.

P.S.S.:What do you mean Ghandi never said that?!


  1. So when is phil gonna draw again? >.>

  2. This Sunday. Sorry about all the lazy bit-pasted Comics, but when you're up for work from 7am to 7pm you tend to do as less as possible. But don`t worry - my mind is full of amazing plans for the future.