Sunday, September 23, 2012

Love'em or hate'em

There's always these controversial things in life like movies being good, enjoyably bad or just plain bad, music and the different types of it and then there's people...generally speaking a lot of people have agreed on one fact: we humans kinda suck! And if you hate every human equally you can viably explain racism as part of your personal daily agenda. I like this take on humanity of course sometimes more than other times because it gives me the chance to make hateful comments in a childish joking manner while actually really hating the person that I'm bashing at that particular moment but that is all fun and games and just general dismay towards humanity, what really hits us is this one guy, this one Melvin Purvis to our John Dillinger, this JFK to our mafia and of course this Winston Churchill to our Hitler, and we hate that person, not because he deserves it but because he is our antithesis. Well...I think I found a real friend in Robert already...


P.S.: Why was I the bad guy in all of those analogies? Because I described myself as a hate and spiteful being there.

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