Friday, January 28, 2011

The title is incredibly good

The almost last comic made by P, I apologize for it not being a new arc but sadly we desided to postpone that because we have a lot of stuff to do. About this comic: Ever saw Evil Dead?Well yeah there you have the joke and i actually kinda like it even if it was made by Philip(ENTIRELY)which explains it internetish and popcultureish humour.And now time for random links to push up the ratings. google youtube ...nah no more


Friday, January 21, 2011

That´s why they drive left too y´know?

I mean, are you going to tell me that you never sat on a driving car with your katana in hand and someone drove by and the swords crossed? Yeah that´s bullshit when that happens really. Again this joke was brought to you by Philip BUT this weeks joke is not all that confusing and i personally like it a lot...last weeks joke cause pain and suffering in me though. Next week a new arc starts that should explain a lot of things and that i personally will write again. Well i pretty much wrote this comic and last weeks comic too but the punchline was Philips aaaanyway


Friday, January 14, 2011

It´s crushed ice that he´s holding...

...get it?

P.S.:The idea for this comic fully came from Philip so if you don´t think it´s funny then don´t blame me, I just made the panellayout.

P.P.S.:The first active girl Philip drew for this comic. I personally apologize to Louis girlfriend Paula for it not being her, it´s all Philips fault.


Friday, January 7, 2011


We already made a New years Eve special but hey this is AFTER New years Eve okay, so it´s fair game! I wanted to mention the "pain in the ass" Philip had but he INSISTED that he didn´t do it even after all the peer pressure(in real life he did it...often) so here is what the first day of the New year´d look like if he didn´t listen to us. Got a lot of gaming to do so...nothing more said here.

-adios, D

P.S.:Sooooo....why the Pentagram?