Wednesday, October 29, 2014


There is a trailer for Avengers age of ultron on the internet and I have watched it a million times and will not stop watching it until the movie is out. I'm also extremely hyped for Interstellar because I'm the biggest Christopher Nolan fanboy.
The goddamn Avengers trailer is sooo good though, James Spader is gonna do a FANTASTIC job of playing Ultron and the songchoice? It took me a bit to realise but they didn't even have to buy the rights for no strings attached because disney owns Marvel! And if that always turns into these fantastic projects and things then more power to you Disney, you have yet to truly dissapoint me!
That was in no way a challenge issued towards Disney, I don't want disney to dissapoint me, their building is highly flammable and I have matchsticks.
Wet matchsticks because it rained a bit recently but matchsticks nontheless!

They have pointy ends and I'm not afraid to throw them!


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sportsball and Dudebros

I love those two words and yet I hate what they stand for much more than most things in this plane of existance, theirs is a subculture I would never even be able to understand. Sports is not my forte, I just don't enjoy running or jumping or fighting or anything of the sort it weirds me out, I've jogged before, I've ran a few miles here and there and I've had some bicycle tours and my fights and whatnot and all those peoples always say: man running is so much fun, working out is so great" but I can tell you one thing for certain, endorphines are either made up or I don't have them because FUCK working out.
When you lie there in your puddle of sweat and that littlebit of puke that always happens after youve done a workout you truly truly TRULY feel bad, there is no rush of happines going through your bones you just hate yourself for working out, then you hate your self for not working out more, then you watch yourself in the mirror and bounce your belly up and down and think:" this thing is cool what the hell was my problem?" and then you eat a bag of chips.

At least I do those things.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How do you stop bingewatching?

I just keep finding tv series and honestly it's infuriating! Alright so this isn't about todays comic but screw that, todays comic isn't even about todays comic! I didn't plan something then I rushed the comic out when Philip told me he had plans for today and then when he said that one was too complicated I rushed out an even simpler comic that I'm pretty sure I stole from somewhere or maybe even already did here so yeah bingewatching, I hate it. I can't go to sleep because I wanna watch another episode of the office(yeah never watched it before, I'm a latebloomer on some tv series because they don't air in germany) and I already have three more series I'm planning on watching after I finished the office, university also started so I just sit there idly almost falling asleep during every single class....fuck me...

-adios, D.

P.S.:That fuck me was like a playful goddamnit my life sucks kind of fuck me but if you wanna alright...

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Philip tought I was gonna kill of Greg. I think I've said that before but throughout the last storyline I was really considering it too, we had Alice take a major role in the travel through hell thing and I think it really worked out but at the end of the day Greg is the reason we started the comic and he hits just the right balance of insane and insane that we love so much in our comic and that Alice has not quite reached yet. I used Alice as a clichee in a few comics, you know the woman that bears through the shenanigans but loves her man because he just is the way he is I try not giving her that vibe too much but it sort of slips in from time to time.
I also give Deniz that vibe when he's with Philip though and I think that should count for something.
It shouldn't count for some weird thing where he is my man it's more like he is a child that needs protection, care, and nurturing and those soft plastic things new parents put over every tablecorner so that their kid doesn't run into the table and put a hole in his head.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Rorschach Redemption!

Rorschach Redemption Webcomic
Now, since this comic is an homage to Rohrschach Redemption again, a man we know and love and a man with a gajillion fans it will undoubtedly drive traffic to our site so I will use this opportunity to talk about minorities.
I'm just joking, but the point of this whole thing is that the blog Rohrschach Redemption started three years ago and it's rocketshiplike rise to the top has left us all wondering.
It mostly left me wondering about phallic objects.

-adios,D and Happy Birthday Rohrschach Redemption.

P.S.: They always say penis in the end.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

50000 Views and making myself a douchebag

I've finally realised what my biggest problem with feminism is...I know we've been over this and people will just hate me more for my opinion but HEAR ME OUT! I've stumbled across the video for Nicki Minaj's song Anaconda recently while zapping through tv, nooo I'm not making this up, I had watched the video online and muted before for the things you're thinking of but the realisation of my problem really came while watching the video a second time while zapping through, so I listen to this masterpiece of awfullness and I realize a horrible horrible truth, a "Golddigger" is considered a much more "empowered" woman than a stay-at-home mom. I thought of the arguments that might be chosen to counter this but honestly, I'm pretty sure my argument is solid, I've argued about how Nicki Minaj is a raving feminist recently and my point was that all she's using is her looks to be famous and of course the other party in the argument said that that may be true but her music itself is just an expression of herself and she's just using her "advantages" to market herself. A Golddigger is doing the same thing, she gets a rich old man because of her looks and lets him pay for everything, that is empowered, that is a woman that uses her talents and skills to get what she wants while a stay-at-home mother is OF COURSE not doing what she thought process might be a little jumbled but the core point stands.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

So much comic stuff to do so little...alright maybe I got a lot of time

I'm a lazy man and Philip is pretty much just as lazy as I am so making 300 comics is a big goddamn deal alright? We've been doing a BUNCH of side projects as well, I really hope that we can do the whole youtube schtick we've been working on soon but I still have to look for a jingle to play during the opening, I got a few songs already but I haven't decided and much less shown Philip the songs, then there's the other comic we promised like a year ago and the life-sized replica of my penis that I've been moddeling.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Work was extra hard tonight

I literally got off work 6 minutes before comic deadline but it was my last day so expect longer sundaytexts from now on.Enter more philosophical ramblings here...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Stoner comedy

None of us two ever took any drugs, the worst stuff we've done is caffein...straight into the bloodstream aye aye aye *puts tongue out of mouth and wiggles head*. Not really.
But I very much enjoy writing stuff about drugs, it's such a far ranging thing there's so many different drugs and effects that they can have on you BUT most of them are very dangerous. With the recent uprising of weed in the united states there is also a lot of online content about it and I've been WAAAAY into the content created through this, I watch a podcast called getting doug with high a lot where the comedian doug benson sits in a room with famous people who are also weed consumers and gets high and talks with them, it's worth a watch guys.