Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How do you stop bingewatching?

I just keep finding tv series and honestly it's infuriating! Alright so this isn't about todays comic but screw that, todays comic isn't even about todays comic! I didn't plan something then I rushed the comic out when Philip told me he had plans for today and then when he said that one was too complicated I rushed out an even simpler comic that I'm pretty sure I stole from somewhere or maybe even already did here so yeah bingewatching, I hate it. I can't go to sleep because I wanna watch another episode of the office(yeah never watched it before, I'm a latebloomer on some tv series because they don't air in germany) and I already have three more series I'm planning on watching after I finished the office, university also started so I just sit there idly almost falling asleep during every single class....fuck me...

-adios, D.

P.S.:That fuck me was like a playful goddamnit my life sucks kind of fuck me but if you wanna alright...

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