Wednesday, October 29, 2014


There is a trailer for Avengers age of ultron on the internet and I have watched it a million times and will not stop watching it until the movie is out. I'm also extremely hyped for Interstellar because I'm the biggest Christopher Nolan fanboy.
The goddamn Avengers trailer is sooo good though, James Spader is gonna do a FANTASTIC job of playing Ultron and the songchoice? It took me a bit to realise but they didn't even have to buy the rights for no strings attached because disney owns Marvel! And if that always turns into these fantastic projects and things then more power to you Disney, you have yet to truly dissapoint me!
That was in no way a challenge issued towards Disney, I don't want disney to dissapoint me, their building is highly flammable and I have matchsticks.
Wet matchsticks because it rained a bit recently but matchsticks nontheless!

They have pointy ends and I'm not afraid to throw them!


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