Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sportsball and Dudebros

I love those two words and yet I hate what they stand for much more than most things in this plane of existance, theirs is a subculture I would never even be able to understand. Sports is not my forte, I just don't enjoy running or jumping or fighting or anything of the sort it weirds me out, I've jogged before, I've ran a few miles here and there and I've had some bicycle tours and my fights and whatnot and all those peoples always say: man running is so much fun, working out is so great" but I can tell you one thing for certain, endorphines are either made up or I don't have them because FUCK working out.
When you lie there in your puddle of sweat and that littlebit of puke that always happens after youve done a workout you truly truly TRULY feel bad, there is no rush of happines going through your bones you just hate yourself for working out, then you hate your self for not working out more, then you watch yourself in the mirror and bounce your belly up and down and think:" this thing is cool what the hell was my problem?" and then you eat a bag of chips.

At least I do those things.


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