Sunday, February 24, 2013

Great expectations

Now, if you guys know me at all you know that I'm a huge Sony fanboy and I think that the entirety of the Sony consoles is the greatest achievement of the console gaming community. For me Sony has always been the noninnovator crowd, they catered more to the developers than to their fans making their console highly accesible by having as many different gaming experiences as possible to choose from, that was after all one of the biggest problem that I saw with the Playstation Battle Royale project, was that Sony while maintaining quite the crowd of big IP's didn't have the huge icons that Nintendo had for their Smash Brothers franchise. Nintendo tries to innovate and keep it simple in their approach to games, the overall gaming stable they have is littered with the same IP's over and over again but with big tweeks and turns to keep it interesting, that is also why Nintendo has been steadily delivering new gameplay ideas, because the next mario cannot live on jump'n'running alone but needs differences. I needed to start this off with that paragraph because It's mandatory to know where I come from when it comes to Sony, and you might understand my surprise when Sony suddenly lashed out at consumers and e-sports with their whole „always on“(not really but kind of) social gaming thing and the whole Psvita synchronisation thing. Sony has pulled all the stops that Nintendo did with their Wii U and upgraded every single one of their ideas without making it seem gimmicky. The social gaming stuff has never been my cup of tea but let's playing is a great thing and interesting to watch, the console is also powerful, adaptable and seems to have quite the support from developers without lashing out to them outright like I think the PS2 did with it's no innovation but only improvement approach to a new console. Sony is making a step that Nintendo has never considered I think, that is, lashing out to a new consumer market without alienating it's core basis by asking the developers to help in making the console and by adding every new thing as not a gimmick but a geniune take it or leave it idea. The consumer gets the best end of the trade at this point I feel, but of course that may change with a mere number namely the price for the new console.

Also fuck XBOX.


P.S.: Sony really has no clue how to build up tension do they? They put the Blizzard guy somewhere near the end but not at the absolute end even though he was the stunner of the night and a great speaker, instead they show us four people of which only one talks and Square announces the announcement that they'll announce a new Final Fantasy at E3. I love Square but they seriously have to up the ante if they want to survive.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hatefilled ramblings

I wanted to go on this week about how detesting Valentines day is and blahblah but to be honest I really neither care nor mind. So instead of writing a Valentines day comic Philip wrote one with Portal and Ozzy Osbourne.That about catches the spirit dunnit?


Sunday, February 10, 2013

We don't notice the truth sometimes

Some people say that if Jesus came back and told us all that we want to know we would just put him into a mental asylum. I always like to go a few steps beyond those kindsa thoughts and I thought: dude have you ever seen some game lists on Steam? Philip has a bilion-zilion games on Steam infact some games that I have gifted him haven't even been installed on his pc yet because he simply doesn't have the time and space for those. Somewhere inbetween the games on Steam I do think there'S this hidden gem that got some downloads during a sale but never got played and is just waiting for us to notice it, somewhere beyond metacritic-scores and hardcore fans there is someone who has played the truth....and he probably only bitched about the graphics because he's a CoD playing little bitch....fuck that guy.


Sunday, February 3, 2013

The big questions

There's these few questions that everyone just has to ask themselves at one point like what is the meaning of life, how  much does the world cost and of course got milk? Well I do have milk now and I gave it to Louis because I love that guy. I just wanted to mention here that I didn't ever have the intention to make Philip seem more antisocial than anyone of us I just simply chose him for the first comic of this kind because I don't like writing about myself too much, I'm quite afraid that that makes me seem like a sociopath.


P.S.: What this references here.