Sunday, February 3, 2013

The big questions

There's these few questions that everyone just has to ask themselves at one point like what is the meaning of life, how  much does the world cost and of course got milk? Well I do have milk now and I gave it to Louis because I love that guy. I just wanted to mention here that I didn't ever have the intention to make Philip seem more antisocial than anyone of us I just simply chose him for the first comic of this kind because I don't like writing about myself too much, I'm quite afraid that that makes me seem like a sociopath.


P.S.: What this references here.


  1. Geez phil's drawing has improved since that other one you linked D

  2. Hey D are you trying to compensate something? I can't say that about Ashleigh but I am sure that the rest of us are all socially awkward penguins.
    Otherwise I wouldn't watch your comic. ^^

    Greetings Maxelhead

    P.S.: So D, from todays comic I assume that you enjoy it to be kicked in your balls... I will remember that >:D

  3. We really should go out more often. I frequently caught myself thinking: 'It's Saturday Night and NOONE is online. Where the hell is everyone?'


  4. Nope im as social awkward as everyone here, though Deniz is totally lying about social awkwardness :P