Friday, December 30, 2011

A true hero!

At desperate times he comes forth from the shadows seeking to destroy all that is unjust in the world! No wait that´s some character that isn´t completely stupid, what´s the idea behind Striking Logic again? Oh yeah, he comes out to kick people in the face that make no sense. I´m pretty sure that´ll come in handy one day but I´m not exactly certain on the circumstances... Well that said, it´s New Years Eve tomorrow and we´ve planned on a party with lots of booze and bitches and, who am I kidding? We´re gonna play Videogames and feel cool because we´ve stayed up long enough to barely miss the Fireworks since we fell asleep at 23:59. Not so manly a story for me but one of epic proportions for a personality of Philip´s magnitude! I am such a douchebag.


P.S.:Happy New Year to all!When it´s finally New Year that is. Also that story up there was just to make my parents feel at ease, hoes and wine all ze time!Oh and it was partially to insult Philip,BYEEEEEEE!

Friday, December 23, 2011

That´s what the nose is there for

Okay I admit I feel kinda bad about this punchline but we´re supposed to be funny and harsh and I think I have portrayed hat rather well. Now to explain some chars Denis, Patrick and Paula were all in the comic at one point and they are real life friends of ours and that was why I thought intending them again was a good idea for the season. And no I am not trying to be politically correct by using this term, Merry Christmas to all and suck on it Republicans. Also just to mention a name again, shout out to our favourite Blogger Rohrschach Redemption, I personally LOVE his Youtubevideos and always laugh my ass of a them, I´m prety amazed at how he writes his jokes and also how he improvises but seriously those things he builds to kill The amazing mister Foxx? The Dog MUST be a metaphor for himself....why does he own a toy he loathes that much? Philip drew this for him checkitout.

-Have a Merry Christmas everyone and eagerly await your presents. Seriously you´ll have to wait,we shot Rudolph,Deniz.

P.S.:In the face.

Friday, December 16, 2011

I swear I tried

I like to think that I have quite the way with words and thus know when to say what and how, my hands though? Well let´s just say I don´t have my way with them all the time. Thus drawing is a horrible pain to both mind and soul to me and every time I have to draw I simply choose the way of least resistance. Today´s comic is quite the example for that, I know how to decorate a picture,where to put what but making it is beyond me to say the least. Philip has some minor problems to face today, in wooden form, and that put me in charge of drawing things. The thought of actually MAKING something with my hands has been approven to be preposterous though and i simply put together a collage of older comics that conveys the same simple storyline as the planned comic with least work involved for me and least unreadability involved for you.
We will get back to making this comic less of an eyesore soon but since we once so wholly promised to always release on Friday Friday,gotta get down on Friday, this is as much as I can do.


P.S.: There is no joke here which I apologise for but exposition is neccesary sometimes as we all know, if you have any complaints about that tell me and I shall offer a different storyline.

[FIXED] P here, sorry for the late upload, but I took an arrow to the knee. ''I'' as in ''Train'' and ''Arrow'' as in ''Tree''. 3 1/2 Hours too late :/

Friday, December 9, 2011


I must admit, I have no clue how to go on with this arc. I mean sure I planned out a lot of the things in here and even details are in the plan but the whole picture, like, where we will be next week, in which house, I really have no idea how to go on with that. Choices Choices. On a sidenote about choices there is a funny occurance in Europe at the time, quite peculiar actually, there was a very high participation rate at some European/Asian vote just recently. Some might even call the incredible 140% of Russian voters participating bullshit but no siree, no such thing from me. Because I know that if i say something bad Babushka doll people will come and punch my goddamn head in....I have a little feud with the russians...and Philip...well he has one man called comrade raggedy.

P.S.: Da comrade Deniz I have indeed such a Comrade.

Friday, December 2, 2011

On our way

I´ve been looking at the viewercounter recently and boy has it gone up, I like to imagine that this is really due to the rise in quality of drawings and jokes alike. Really I think we´ve come up with some nice things recently, I mean, I am not trying to say we´re perfect or even good already but I really believe we´re on our way to mediocrity and maybe, just maybe, we can achive even some kind of decency with this. I´d like to thank everyone for supporting us and visiting our blog and I really appreciate your visits and the such, thank you for comming here.

So yeah we had to jump on the bandwagon of bashing Charlie Sheen over the web and yes this is still in line with our current storyarc. Even though I see some plotholes here and there...such a Striking Logic.
oh oh


P.S.: The characters newly depicted in todays comic are Charles and Allen, Archdemons and also the father and the uncle of Greg. Though these are not the one´s he used to know( DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN)

Friday, November 25, 2011

There´s more to come

Get ready for a festival of bad puns because oh boy we found a stone and we will milk the fuck out of it, there´s soooo much blood gonna come out of this stone! Philip´s sick and twisted mind is already getting ready to dish out the very worst of the worst of puns and I honestly gain a lot of enjoyment out of writing those, it´s one thing to write jokes but another to make them perfectly fit into a serious situation and to make them be part of our storyline. Making fun of Greg is so much fun because of one thing: He is what Philip used to be. He is small. I enjoy making fun of the weak. And I´m sure I am going to get my ass handed to me by a midget at one point but for now just let me flow in this wonderful state of cartmanness.(yes that is a word shut up)


P.S.: I´m pretty sure i fucked up some proverbs in the first sentence there.

Friday, November 18, 2011

We´re BACK

Good old puns are back in ACTION. Yeah we´re here and ready to rock your world! This is the new storyline of our comic with all new timetraveling and missing bodyparts and...okay basically we´re starting to steal our own ideas with parts from timetravelarcs and parts from zombies(get it?). And so we set off to the start of a wonderful new arc which will bring you a few chars that´ll prove to be very interesting! Until then I shall play videogames with my good ol pal Philip.


Friday, November 11, 2011

We have not learned a thing

Explanation: During the humble beginnings of Nintendo, shortly after "the great gaming crash", they had a policy that every and any game made by ANYONE for their console had to be checked by Nintendo to make sure it was "suited" for it´s "audience",namely kids. Oh the irony, Nintendo´s executives were being douchebags and so Sony, the guys that wanted to make a discdrive for Nintendo, said screw you we´re going home and made the Playstation giving free reign to third party gamemakers. Nintendo reacted way late but got out of it pretty healthy only waiting to piss of it´s NEW fanbase by making another STUPID thing up, the Nintendo Wii. Now again after some years Nintendo clearly blames the third party developers for everything by saying: Well WE never intended it to be for casuals. (the rambling part starts here) It strikes me as odd how the fastest economical sector EVER keeps it´s same pattern and yet Nintendo sneakily weasels itself out of this shit by just saying: oh wait we MEANT to do that too. Now to elaborate, the gaming industry has a simply mechanism behind it: you succeed,some else succeeds with a better idea,you think your idea was good and keep and,you fail, this does of course not apply to dear old Nintendo. Now while i do not hate Nintendo,like at all, I don´t like how they do buisness clearly stating that what they STATED wasn´t what they meant, we HEARD executives say:this console is for casualgamers, and now recently after YEARS of having the console out on the market Nintendo noticed that pissing off it´s loyal fans DO INFACT like games that do not consist solely of wiggling their right hand in a certain that sentence made me realise their idea behind the Wii...brilliant.


P.S.:Sorry for the innane rambling but I hope it cleared up the idea behind todays comic.

Friday, November 4, 2011

They´ll sue our asses

Todays comic was brought to you by Philip in its full entirety. Script:Philip Drawings:Philip Characters:....Well...They´ll sue our asses. Since I had nothing to do with todays comic I don´t have any visionary insight or stuff like that about it but I do know that it is a hell of a lot funnier if you know and/or play Minecraft. I would´ve written a slightly different Minecraft themed topic but I won´t spoil it because I´m still considering making that particular comic actually. What´s that?We haven´t done a Halloween extravaganza...AND we haven´t mentioned the awesometastic Brand0 in quite some time? Well...shucks.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Special thanks to Danielle...

...just for being there,cuz the unicorn was drawn by Philip. Anyone remember Danielle? The girl that drew the Guest comics for three weeks when Philip wasnt there? No? No one? Really? Wait you don´t even know who Philip is?! Oh come on!I know I´m awesome but guys Philip really puts a shitload of work into this stuff! Like he draws and stuff and he makes unicorns and he writes comics that make absolutely no sense...okay strike the last part I´ll never let him do that again. Nah but seriously hope you enjoy todays comic and that you don´t notice that it´s just cut together old comicparts...wait I shouldn´t have said that. No Philip DO-

-adios,D and totally not P who just punched D unconcious with a pan.

P.S.:I like the sparkles because I´m totally gay and stuff,like,for realz-
signed by D.

Friday, October 21, 2011

It´s that time of the year again!

Hey guys and gals it´s make your own ending week again! Our annual celebration yeah Louis birthday! Okay the idea of make your own ending week had nothing to do with his birthday BUT STILL I am now pronouncing this day and idea as a celebratory gift for his birthday! So yeah you can make your own ending for this one or you don´t, I think it´s fairly obvious what the punchline is and I must say I am rather proud of it, this very welly portraits what TV teaches the children these days. I´ll shut up now so to not kill the funny!


P.S.: You had it comming Dora, you had it comming.
P.P.S.:The girl in the third panel is our dear friend Paula,Louis girlfriend,so it is infact a gift to both...yes we give him a thorough raping of his gf...or not...your choice!

Friday, October 14, 2011

What has it come to

No I´m not mentally or emotionally scarred and thus came up with this comic and no I don´t have inner problems...okay maybe I do...but showing that was NOT my intention with this comic!Do you remember the good old days of TV where we had idols that we´d look up to and series´ that we´d watch week after week?Tell me just one series you watch every time it´s on like once a week on monday or tuesday or whatever. Do you watch it on tv?Or do you watch it on the internet with far less ads and such nuisances?Well I´ll tellya something if this trend of detoriating Tv watchers and Tv shows keeps going then one day the ads will stop speaking to you telling you how your life could be better!They´ll stop telling you how to better your life and just laugh at the fact that they are intervening the series you are watching right now. When you can safely say:"People have put more thought into the ad I´m watching right now than in the shows I was watching." then something is fucking wrong!
Bottomline:Seriously?Jersey shore?Why TV why? Have I ever erred you in such a huge way that you have to torture me with "The situation"?FFS really?Who watches that shit!?And why do I know one of the people in the series?I used to look up to you TV!But you let me down!

Thank you for listening,that is all,adios,D.

P.S.:I have not forgotten you Dora,you are next on the hatelist!

Friday, October 7, 2011


I thought that after so much exposition and sensemaking(yes that is a word,yes I just said that and yes I honestly think the last couple weeks worth of comics made sense) we needed some short comics for the lulz and I think with this one we actually achieved it pretty much. I like it,I think it´s funny and I also seriously think that that friggin bear is evil...look at them eyes!

-till next time,adios,D.

P.S.: And then we reveal that the dog is evil!But won´t that confuse the people?No no we make him do THIS with his eyes...(!)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Where on Earth is D?

Oh Hai Guys, P here, just woke up from a nightmare, that the Comic isn`t up yet. And what are the fucking odds for such an occasion? Huh? D?Well since I have the Power over this Post... I`m barely going to do anything with it. I`m way too tired to write some more witty stuff about how D failed at uploading this Post and I`m way too tired to say something Ultra-Nerdy. Infact, I`ll show you the Trailer of a Movie that makes me feel funny. Why? HUNTER S. THOMPSON!

Oh, and if you don`t get the Back To The Future Joke in the Comic, look at Greg... go figure

Friday, September 23, 2011

I can´t believe I wrote this joke

...the title says it all....but god is it funny to see the third panel...also scary.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Glory is forever

Since D and P still are in Rome, perhaps visiting some monuments or drinking a pizza right now, it's up to me to upload today's comic, so here we go. Let's start with some links to push them up on google, yahoo and some other ones like this.

Now that I've done that, there's still enough space, to talk about this weeks comic,... well maybe even too much space. However, since it's pretty obvious what Greg has done to history, I'm wondering what Philip did. Is he the reason why Reagen made such jokes, could have been 'little boy' named after him or was this his work? But I guess we won't know until next week, so just enjoy todays comic, comment and like it on myface, spacebook and everywhere else you want.

-Bye, Patrick

P.S.: All mistakes in grammar, style or whatsoever are mental property of their respective owner. Every complaint will be - ahhh, just show some mercy on me.

Friday, September 9, 2011


ROMEROMEROMEROMEROME...Sorry for that,now, yeah Philip and me we´re in Rome the next week so we´ll have a slight change in uploading as a friend of ours,Patrick (the guy who isnt me...or Philip...if you mention the genes as people now then yes,he´s totally just a gene),shall do it for us.Or rather for me since that lazyass Philip only draws the comics,takes charge of most the advertisements and a lot more stuff that i´d never do since I´m laz- I mean too cool to do that. Now if you are an italian person and you are in Rome in the next week and you see us on the street then talk us up, we always like to meet up with our nonexistant fans. So I shall not write a post for one whole week,think you guys can handle that?...Who am I kidding...


P.S.: The title of the comic is a pun if you download the picture and look at the name you´ll solve the mystery behind the pun,if you don´t feel like doing that then: Because he is innocent. Go figure it out.

Friday, September 2, 2011

So cute

It´s just so cute how much Philip worries about this comics :3 this is one of the best comics we had so far imo and honestly the changes he did to the script were needed and well executed,good job Philip.


P.S.: Yeah I don´t have time for a long talk about things and stuff in the world or my pants because I have plans for tonight FAREWELL MY LOYAL SUBORDINA-I mean....MY LOYAL VIEWERS.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Let´s do the same joke agahaaaaain

Nah not really the same joke,this one is gonna lead to a different outcome. But for anyone who ever asked or wondered here is how we timetravel!We take the three most famous timetravel devices and jumble them together and the outcome can´t even begin to fathom what the outcome is gonna be,trust me.


P.S.:If you really don´t get this comic here´s a little rundown forya:1:the delorean,used in Back to the Future by Robert Zemeckis. 2:The Tardis, used by different Doctor Who´s throughout all of time and space.3: Donnie Darkos sphere,a sphere over the heart of Donnie Darko that enables timetravel,it´s more of a fatetelling device if I understood Philips ramblings right but I personally never saw the movie.

Friday, August 19, 2011

It´s just baffling

I wanted to nerd out here and go on a little rant. Super street fighter 4 has a dozen new chars and three new modes. MvC3 has 9 new characters and one new mode that should´ve already been friggin addet in the original game! I don´t mind a game with little inovation as long as it has a new story or something along the lines of that,I am always ready to play the onehundredth part of Tomb raider just for fanservice but when they make my Lara flatbreasted and my MvC have Hawkeye as the new main event(seriously guys,hawkeye?no one cares!)and just plays its one trumpcard,namely Phoenix Wright,than that´s just fucking cheap,seriously. Next they´ll put nameless Viewtiful joe chars into their games,who wants that?!

P.S.:Philip has informed me that this particular goon of Viewtiful Joe has a rather large fanbase...My point still stands.

Friday, August 12, 2011

That about wraps it up

Yup this was it seriously i´ll stop with the whole fucked up reality thing and the missing continuity stuff. I mean yeah I kinda like fucking up continuity buuuut it gets kinda boring after a while.


P.S.:Philip said this indicates a kind of alternate universe stuff and shit...Marvel comics we´re comming!

Friday, August 5, 2011

The end of an era

Hi guys, sup? See that there,yeah right there the comic? That´s full on Philip POWAH! And also my absolute genius in summing up two arcs at once and finding a solution for both at once! This is the end of the mindnumbingly crazy ideas for now,of all the inconsistencies and pure stupidity that i just keep throwing at you, from now on I´ll try to not make as many logical inconsistencies and all that stuff which basically means that Striking Logic won´t appear as often anymore.

Awwwwwwwwwww who am I kidding?


Friday, July 29, 2011

It will never have this quality again

Sooooo,last one of these so-called "guestcomics" by Danielle. Was I happy with them?Ou betcha! Am I sad that Philip is gonna make the next few,catching up with the old storyline and also linking the guestcomics to it(yes I´m actually gonna try to acomplish such a feat,wish me luck)?Hell no! I missed Philip while he was on vacation and quite honestly I have still not seen him which leaves a hole in my heart....A very small one mind you. Well here comes the last guescomic (for now?)from Danielle,hope you enjoy it.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Week two

Yup it´s week two without Philip and uh...Danielle made another comic,HOORAY!While yes i wrote this so pleaaaase tell me how awful my jokes are(even though this is practically just exposition)all praise,as always,goes to the artwork but this time to Danielle. Thank you and goodnight.


P.S.:You´re right, that IS an unnerving blot.

Friday, July 15, 2011


I haven´t uploaded and written coments in a while and for that I apologize but y´know my internet doesn´t work. Now, yes, guestcomic this week! By Danielle! I wrote it but she drew it. There´s not much else to say here really, I can only say thank you to Danielle and


P.S.:I actually still don´t really have internet T_T

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Hellish Job

Okay, last Post from me, P, next week it should be Deniz, but what ever... It`s summer, I need vacation. NOW. As long as nothing unusual happens, you should see some more Comics next week. Well, it`s not like Candlejack is

Friday, July 1, 2011

I choose you, Baseball Bat!

Well, yeah, still me, P, and maaan, it`s sure hard to write stuff. I could draw the next few things, but that`d be waay too much work. Well, as usual, Minecraft is AWESOME blah blah aand oh, Team Fortress 2 is now free to play and kinda amusing. Oh, well aand... and... uuhm... I quite don`t like candy, but I loooove peanuts and... damn... this is difficult. Oh, before I forget, I´m drawing Titlecards for a German Let´s Player and if you want to see them, they`re on my blog.

Hail to the King, Baby!

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Devil Within

Okay, so... D has still no Internetz and its still up to me to write this Post. As you can see, we`re close to a 'happy end' in the demon arc storyline. But I´m pointing out the obvious here. It`s now my ... wait, since when do I own Minecraft again? Damn, I lost my inner Clock. I`m sure its something like two weeks, but it feels like two years. And every night, every night, when the sun goes down, I`m standing outside my house. I wear my Ash Williams Skin and I´m weaponized with my Iron Shovel. I fight off Zombies and Creepers, Ghasts and Slimes. They're lucky bastards - I can`t craft a shotgun. But with or without my Boomstick, every night ends up the same.
Hail to the King, Baby!

Friday, June 17, 2011


So, it`s actually me again.
As far as I know D moved to a Cave without any Internetz and thus its up to me to write this Post. That means, I can make advertisement for other Sites, like BrandO's Awesome Site, my other Account, or any recent, watchable Movie (Watch it! It`s worth your money).
So, I hope you like this weeks comic and you should comment on this one, that would be very nice, even criticisim, or random stuff like jokes. Oh, and my recent Video-Review-Plans are cancelled due to Minecraft, wich is awesome. Oh and if you aren`t blind, you may have noticed the Style-Change. I use now a white Outline, hope you like it. I sure do.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Just a scratch

Y´know for everytime I make Philip get hurt in these comics(and in real life mind you) an angel gets his wing so all I do is doing a good deed for the world! But today is a sad day for this comic was in parts really just Philips idea,HE wanted to get the scythe stuck in his I wouldn´t have done even worse things shut up. Well there´s not much else to tell here really,I could probably rant about the E3 or something like that but I don´t feel like telling you just how epic the Assassins Creed Revelations trailer is or that I think the Wii u MIGHT just be a good console...nope won´t tell.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Painful throw

You know it and I know it and everyone in the whole world realised that Philip is in fact not much heavier than the stone thrown beforehand but let´s face it he might just hurt the devil if he gets thrown hard enough. His spine could jump out and hit the devils pointy spine....can be painful a-yup.


P.S.: Yes Greg has hypnoview but it only works on Philip and for the sake of plot convenience it did not work on new years eve.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Will E.

I loved looney tunes as a kid,I just did....and here´s the outcome of uh yeah like...I got nothing.Just enjoy todays comic.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Makes sense to me

Our storyline is quite the jumbled mess but I like to think that this is all part of a greater plan. Silly as me and Philip can be, we have origins for characters that don´t even exist yet so we wanna bring them in and who´s the only character we can just fuck with as much as we want?...
Well yes Philip of course but I mean....yeees Louis too I got it gee but i mean originwise....exactly Striking Logic. Buuuuut in the next few weeks we´ll have a lot more Greg hates Philip jokes.


P.S.:This is supposed to imply the upcomming rapture that is tomorrow due to a tremendous flood comming...ooooooor nothing at all is gonna any case the 87 year old "prophet" probaaably has a rapture comming pretty so....ah nevermind.

P.P.S.: I noticed the grammar mistake but cba to correct it.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Dear diary

So apperently we got a smackjeeves account now which basically makes this blog my to be you who´s reading this I suppose. Theres not much to say here actually I don´t feel like talking about how we made a movie and how my internet is a bitch but there´s one thing I do have to mention: I know this is not Rohrschachs origins story BUT in the movie and in the comic it´s implied that this story was important to him and that it made him realise just how godawful humans are so suck on this Philip.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Striking Logic

I just love this character. no really I do it´s weird because i think he doesn´t really have much of an impact on you guys but making a character with the sole intention of being a dick about plotpoints but doing it in a superhero fashion was basically like inventing someone who´s more of an asshole about things he knows then say,me. Well we´ll make two or three more based around this character so if you don´t like him yet you might just like him later.


Friday, April 29, 2011

The number of the beast

The devil is gonna reappear soon and yes this here IS still part of the past-arc,it all makes sense. I like how no one actually questions our continuity and yet i try to defend it and make fun of it so much in my commentaries and/or in the comics. So uh yeah pop-culture reference blahblah my pc is shit nahnah I talk about myself all the time then make fun of the whole PSN situation then notice how I didnt mention Philip yet because I´m an egoasshole and now I mentioned him now its fine commentary end.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Another time

Leeeet´s do the tiiimewarp agaaahain. Yeah I know I know these jokes don´t seem to work well with you guys so I guess I´ll change my focus to gaming comics again,those got a surprisingly good feedback viewerwise after all. Philip loves you I love you and frankly I have nothing to say hear I hope the comic is self-explanatory.


P.S.:Philips mustache shall return in NIGHT OF THE LIVING MUSTACHES(yeah not really).

Friday, April 15, 2011

Minor timeproblems

Yeah let´s not talk about any experiments here,that thoroughly failed but let´s talk about the comic a bit. Me and Philip,we´ve been wondering in which time we actually are and that shows in this comic. But seriously did you mourn the Holocaust yet? That shits important! Me as a half turk who uses that whenever he feels like it can make such jokes Philip on the other hand is a german racist nazi ba....naaaah i´m basically more racist but still I think making one or two jokes is okay.


Friday, April 8, 2011

You can´t spell 2D without 3D

...Okay i admit you CAN infact spell 2D without 3D but hey it´s...I....look at the pretty comic,i made Philip do colour AGAIN. Next week it probably won´t be colour but meh I did it today BOW TO MY EVERY WHIM! Yeah so I´ve been bored a lot recently so I thought I´d make a little experiment next week, I shall not acces any computer at all for five full days! I´ll either pre-write Philip a textmessage for next week or I´ll make him write on his own, if that does fit I mean. So uh enjoy todays comic and why not comment while you´re at it?


P.S.:Notice all of the gming comics recently?First Castlevania then Mario,sadly there´s no Mario song from Brand0 otherwirse I´d link that.

Friday, April 1, 2011


If years of different ballcrushingly hard Castlevania games have not made homicidal maniacs out of all Gamers then shooters sure as hell won´t either. With that out of the way there´s a few reasons for this to be in colour one is:FOR TEH LULZ, one is that anything having to do with Castlevania reminds Philip of Brand0 so he has to make it all awesome and stuff. I´m pretty proud of this comic for the art then again the art comes from Philip so I have nothing to be proud of except for the joke or the "message" of this. I am but still the art is just wow let´s all give kudos to Philip for it.

Well that was that,adios,D.

Friday, March 25, 2011

One of many jokes of this kind

This is somewhat our first deathjoke in a comic that started with the idea of living together with the death! I realize how stupid that sounds but I just love myself too much not to have me in almost every comic in the arc. In this arc i don´t. Shocker I know I know but still I´m actually pretty damn proud of this one and I take pills against the wanting to be the most important thing in the universe (Which I know I am but many just won´t notice). So yeah more deathjokes and more other kinds of jokes.

Till next week, adios D.

P.S.:I know I made a mistake yesterday but this week Philip made one. You might not notice it but trust me when he sees this post it´ll burn him inside.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Afro Explosion !!!!

Soooooo, what happened? Actually D vanished magically and so it`s up to me o write this Post.
But not only he is gone, we all are gone. Where are we? The correct Question would be : When are we? We are in the past. A world fulfilled with Afros, Cats and sexy Doornumbers.
-Jesus Doc, thats heavy! By now you may ask yourself "How is this possible?" and we are proud to say, that you don`t need 1.21 gigawatts or a phone booth. No! If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. And I know that without the help of a extraterrestrial named 'Darth Vader' from Vulcan. But now seriously. You may know Schroedinger from a previous Comic if not - shame on you.

~Afro Explosion~
- P

Friday, March 11, 2011

Philip is the young luke?

...or was it anakin?Well since I´m not a big Starwars fan please do apologize me not knowing a damn thing but yeah this is the beginning of a new arc!The past-arc is coming right your way with new and interesting characters like Greg and Louis and...wait...well there are SOME new characters but not many.This arc will be used to explain a few things and charactertraits so i hope you´ll


Friday, March 4, 2011

From my new Laptop!

Heyhooooooo, been a while eh? Well I had a lot to do and so i made Philip post our last comic but now I´m back here with my new laptop and I can finally say that my laptop is not built out of stone. So uh this comic marks the start of a new arc(yay!)and one that has continuity too(gasp).....
Well sort of. Let´s just say we will see Striking Logic again but that he´ll be...different. And so will we.Oh and I´m 18 now awesome ain´t it?

well till next time, adios, D.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bro

Well, yes, it's Deniz Birthday today. And I felt like that I should do something for him.
So I made a present. I hope he'll like that. What it is? It's a Comic Book! Our Comic Book!
It contains all our Comics from the previous year and it's so rare, hell, even I don`t own one.
And as you can see,except you are Stevie Wonder-but then you couln'd read this text a-anyway, thats the Cover Page. So stay tuned and support us, so that you can hold that Book in your hands.Uh, and Happy Birthday Deniz.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Where on Earth is D?

Uhhhmm... Is this thing on? Yeah? Alright! Sooo actually it`s me, P, and I quite don`t know where D is. At first: Sorry if there are mistakes in the Text, because I suck at gramma and stuff... and usually that's why D writes and publishes the Posts. Probably he has some Issues with his PC or somethin' - I dunno. But it actually fits to the end of the Pun-Arc. The previous comics were written by me and the posts by him and now it's reversed and Stuff. So yeah, we will start a new Arc in two weeks and I don't know if I am allowed to spoil it, but it will take place in the past... I actually like todays Comic. Why? Because of all these words in the background...
Yes, I published this post in time! Continuity goes on! And what else do I have to say? There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

Friday, February 18, 2011

He would hurt himself for a passable joke

It´s a bird get it?Snipe...I hate Philip for always comming up with jokes that hurt my brain and yet making them funny enough for me to make it neccesary to upload them. This one is not one of those, it just hurt, but apperently Philip has a say in this too...Which I found out just recently by the way. Well uh I have not much more to say just that Philip wanted you to see this.


P.S.:It´s welly drawn tho xD.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Not to say that Midna isn´t annoying as fuck too

I have to start by saying, Louis helped with this comic it was not fully my idea he´s so gorgeous and awezomenezz!!!11oneoneeleven!!1!And yeah as the title states, Midna annoyed me too but if she turns into this(warning spoileralert) in the end then i´m fine and Navi is on a whole different level from that anyway...just take a look at this. That said, I think this is one of our best comics yet gratz to me and Philip^^

-adios, D

P.S.:I kind of can´t change the text on the top of the page for some reason...sowwy.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Puns and Apologeez

I wish i could explain all of the things that go down in Philip`s brain i really do but sadly i don´t. I apologize for all of the incredibly bad puns i let slip and sadly the only one I really apologize to is myself. You seem to enjoy Philip´s comics and i kinda can see where that´s coming from but i always feel immense pain when i hear then let alone see them in drawn form. Now if you´ll excuse me my punsense just detected that Philip said something incredibly stupid.


P.S.:This comic is again from an idea of Philip but yeah I admit i laughed about it and yeah i admit all of the hate and resentment i show in this comic and this very text is a mix of envy, hate and incredible pain, I actually love Philip...a bit...sometimes...well more than Greg does.

Friday, January 28, 2011

The title is incredibly good

The almost last comic made by P, I apologize for it not being a new arc but sadly we desided to postpone that because we have a lot of stuff to do. About this comic: Ever saw Evil Dead?Well yeah there you have the joke and i actually kinda like it even if it was made by Philip(ENTIRELY)which explains it internetish and popcultureish humour.And now time for random links to push up the ratings. google youtube ...nah no more