Friday, May 20, 2011

Makes sense to me

Our storyline is quite the jumbled mess but I like to think that this is all part of a greater plan. Silly as me and Philip can be, we have origins for characters that don´t even exist yet so we wanna bring them in and who´s the only character we can just fuck with as much as we want?...
Well yes Philip of course but I mean....yeees Louis too I got it gee but i mean originwise....exactly Striking Logic. Buuuuut in the next few weeks we´ll have a lot more Greg hates Philip jokes.


P.S.:This is supposed to imply the upcomming rapture that is tomorrow due to a tremendous flood comming...ooooooor nothing at all is gonna any case the 87 year old "prophet" probaaably has a rapture comming pretty so....ah nevermind.

P.P.S.: I noticed the grammar mistake but cba to correct it.



    Look, I am pretty bad with grammar myself, but "can be we have origins" is REALLY making by brain twitch.

    Why am I sitting here saying that out loud?
    Is Beelzebub with the Devil?
    Are you taking part in post-rapture looting?
    Who has been 'filling in' since 1820?

  2. I was only missing a comma and now that comma is there!Damn my ego.

  3. There's a blank character missibng - right after the exclamation mark and before the 'Damn' part... just sayin'

  4. I post on the Smackjeeves one >.>

    - Ashy

  5. Should I be following this there? Is there more banter? More cheese perhaps?