Sunday, August 26, 2012

A legitimate Gamescom article

I'm trying to get some kind of seriousness into my writing so today I'll write an actual article about how I personally experienced Gamescom. First off I'd like to point out that I didn't actually visit most of the booths because the lines were ridiculously long I mean who waits in a line for three hours for Resident Evil 6 when this game can clearly only let you down after the insanely good marketing behind it so far? I enjoyed every single trailer of RE 6 so intensely much that actually playing part of the game would just make me feel bad. A new trend also has seemingly arisen in these booths of recording how people react to what they see and putting it online into a stream, I have yet to see one of said streams but every booth had a sticker on it saying that this is being streamed live online somewhere and somehow. In one of the other areas there was a huge bunch of people gathering around a League of Legends moniter and a Starcraft monitor both having some tournaments shown on them that I really enjoyed. I like the state that pro-gaming is getting to and I really hope that people keep getting to the conclusion that it can be an insane amount of fun watching others play and be this good at it. Most of the things were really interesting and nicely arranged ranging from american game developers to more asian ones then to distributors such as steam and leading into the hall for progaming, above all that were some places for food and the meetingplace for most of the cosplayers though I didn't quite get how some animebased cosplays justify for the Gamescom considering that it is enterly based on gaming and just because there are Narutogames out there doesn't mean you all have to wear an Akatsuki mantle. The two things I couldn't touch in todays comic that were problems to me though have to be stated here first: Who the fuck stands 4 hours in a line for FIFA 2013?! I get the fun behind the game I really do but it's a game you play at home with friends so where'S the fun in anonymously playing it alone after 4 hours of wait while there are no big developments to be had in that genre?And my second problem: Why the hell didn't I go up to that cute cosplayer girl?I saw her three time MAN UP ALREADY T-T

-sorry for the length of todays article but thats how I roll,D.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Prometheus spoiler alert

I never was a big fan of the whole Alien series and thus I have no clue what the FUCK is going on in todays comic but I kinda have the feeling that this is Philip being silly in making a comic. I was low on creativity this week and thats why Philip didn't like the comic I wrote and made his own but whenever he does that it's more or less li-BWAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Sorry, didn't mean to do that but apperently it's a character trait of mine...So I was at Gamescom this week and saw a lot of stuff and all the funny parts are gonna be written into a comic for this week but I can say one thing, my god does one have to wait loooong in lines to get to see games....jesus.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Where we started

The idea if this comic started basically with the character of Greg. Philip once drew Greg for a competition and I thought hey why don't we make that into a comic? We soon found out that the idea of the death in a webcomic was not really our most original idea ever BUT it did make us write and publish this come and up to this day I think we had a rather steep but fullfilling learningcurve and I hope we both get better at what we're doing. I recently tried to catch the essence of this comics idea more and that's why we've been seeing the evil side of Greg more and more but at least it still has to do with baby kittens so it's fine.


P.S.: I pretty much had this exact situation with Philip recently just that it was about Rollercoaster tycoon, that kid is SICK.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I love doing this

Every now and then I just get in the mood for something really dark mean grim with some sort of merit and political enthusiasm and this comic came to me at that kinda time. I really very much enjoyed writing this because I felt that this is greg at his finest, he's the death after all is said and done so if you die after falling from the tenth story of a goddamn house and you land with your ass on a fire hydrant, well he's the one who'll collect the pieces. Picture that right before you go to sleep today please.


Friday, August 3, 2012

New schedule

From today onwards we shall change our schedule to every Sunday, sooooo I shall now stop this post since i will post something on Sunday anyway, here's a filler picture for this weeks Friday. I've been told that the signs on there mean I have a job and you don't. I was told that by my subconcious.