Sunday, August 12, 2012

Where we started

The idea if this comic started basically with the character of Greg. Philip once drew Greg for a competition and I thought hey why don't we make that into a comic? We soon found out that the idea of the death in a webcomic was not really our most original idea ever BUT it did make us write and publish this come and up to this day I think we had a rather steep but fullfilling learningcurve and I hope we both get better at what we're doing. I recently tried to catch the essence of this comics idea more and that's why we've been seeing the evil side of Greg more and more but at least it still has to do with baby kittens so it's fine.


P.S.: I pretty much had this exact situation with Philip recently just that it was about Rollercoaster tycoon, that kid is SICK.


  1. Mr. Bones... The Ride never ends.

  2. In all honesty: In the making of rollercoasters for Rollercoaster Tycoon, i myself always built rides so freaking threatening that nobody would ever enter them.

    Some of them did and never returned. *chuckle*