Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fan/Friend comic by Alexandra makiej

Alex Fancomic Greg and Philip more gay and pink than ever depicted before, well maybe in the top 5 rankings.
The magnum opus of a good friend of mine and of Philip. This picture was 10 mb big and blogger uploads files at the speed of a snail, my internet currently is working at the speed of a dead snail so you can imagine how long I've been idly sitting here waiting for the damn thing to upload, I was thinking of doing other things but then I realised that anything it all would either slow down the upload or put it in jeopardy entirely so I didn't and just wait and wait.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Louis Guestcomic multiverse

Goativerse Snakeosphere Sea Cucumbistan and whatever the hell this is but no machoverse ? ooooh nooo
Which guestcomic writer/artist/producer/microphoneholder can say that he has a multiverse within the work that he is doing guestcomics in? Well Louis can! I'm kind of sad that there is no machoverse in our comics yet but I shall attend to that at some point down the line.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

60000 and we didn't turn into goats

The Ritual is done Hans is gone and the world didn't turn into a giant cathead, I can't prove the last thing.
I'm thinking, working all the time, anything for the comic and it is nice to see that that gets me somewhere, 60000 views on this page is a ridiculously huge number and we couldnt've done it without you! No, seriously, we couldn't, your view is calculated into that number.
In celebration of that success we're taking a week off! Well not really, Philip is getting his last wisdom tooth removed and we asked Louis and our dear friend Alex to fill in the two comics he can't possibly draw because of how high he will get on painmeds, even though I am now 100% certain that his brain can't possibly get more fucked up and that I would see no difference either way.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

That's enough internet for today!

This is probably the most evil thing I've ever done...
Ohai guys,
this comic probably needs some explanation. Deniz only wrote "Go nuts, boy!" for todays comic. Nothing else. Big mistake.

This is also probably the last time you'll hear from me and the last time I am ever allowed to do anything besides drawing.

Worth it.

- Phil

Addendum by Deniz: Not true here is the PRECISE thing I sent Philip:
So I said 4 panels and it had to be the ritual, which he did, I don't quite get why he drew it the way he did because it's clearly gonna give me problems in the future writing but I suppose I can work around it somehow. I clearly wrote bring back to life not being reborn but oh well.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

why are you always so serious?

Alternate title: everyone who isn't Alice or Deniz is a dick in this comic.
First off, everything who isn't Alice in this comic is wrong! Maybe not Deniz because he's geniunely dying but everyone else is wrong! I like serious stories alright? I like love, drama and cheese and this could've been so much more!
Truth is I never intended it to get much more serious than last comic but after Philip seemed to hate it (he's gonna say he mildly disliked it and thought it was too serious but he's lying, he hated it) I thought that this intense turn for the silly was in order to appease him. I don't like that it's just a single tear rolling down Alice's face in panel two because she's not playing this, she was serious in her feelings.
Also, I've been addicted to Pokemon recently and I plan on catching them all!


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lover's sacrifice

Alice gets to have her heroic moment of the arc, her Lover's sacrifice. This is the Director's Cut, the cinema version had her use a walky-talky instead of a knife.
This comic is completely my idea and I truly and entirely stand behind it.
I like to proud myself, like many people, on hypotheticals, on what I would do in a dangerous situation and I always say that I'd catch a bullet for basically anyone, I wouldn't kill terrible people if I could go back in time either is what I tend to say and since I don't get to do cool shit in the comic aside from dying I had to give Alice that character trait. Well she wouldn't save anyone, she would only save me, she's much more likely to shoot the gun in most scenarios but hey I get to reap the benefits.


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Alice : Shock Denial Pain and pure burning Anger

Den iz kill. No.
Things are getting bad aren't they? I mean, I'm fairly certain I've never tasted this much blood before.
I'll also be damned if Alice isn't the greatest thing I've ever come up with, just feel the conviction and burning rage in panel 3 both in word and in facial expression, I fall in love all over again whenever she appears in a comic....shut up, it isn't weird at all, it's not like I have a waifu pillow with her on it.


P.S.: Yet.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hans Olo gets it. *snikt*

"The one who looks into camera usually does not end up split in half."- old samurai proverb.

Also, why do websites make you work so hard for something that should be easily accesible? I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan as I've stated before but I felt like Hans' possibly last words should be the same as han's last words, I had to read pages upon pages of articles until someone FINALLY said the exact last words in one of their lenghthy exposeés about how much they wanna suck Han Solo's cock.


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Ah! The Element of beating your enemy

In todays Webcomic Phil fights a Mustache
I am a tactical mastermind: FACT! So all in all the coolest character depicted in the past few weeks of comics is Deniz so WHY DOESN'T IT FEEL GOOD AT ALL?!
So yesterday was my birthday, hooray me, and I had a pleasently wonderful time to be honest, we played some board games with friends yesterday and today most of my family came over to eat cake and socialise and luckily my cousins are now old enough to be left unattended in my room with my playstation being on. They just sorta find out how to play the games on their own which is positively marvelous, I got to talk to my family which hasn't happened since they got kids and you know what? They're okay people!
I know right?! I didn't expect that either.