Sunday, March 8, 2015

Alice : Shock Denial Pain and pure burning Anger

Den iz kill. No.
Things are getting bad aren't they? I mean, I'm fairly certain I've never tasted this much blood before.
I'll also be damned if Alice isn't the greatest thing I've ever come up with, just feel the conviction and burning rage in panel 3 both in word and in facial expression, I fall in love all over again whenever she appears in a comic....shut up, it isn't weird at all, it's not like I have a waifu pillow with her on it.


P.S.: Yet.


  1. Du bist ja immer noch nicht tot - Das ist doch gut :) Ich find Alice ganz okay. Ein Kissen von ihr hätte ich nicht gerne. Lieber eins von Greg - weil er so süß ist :3 isses okay, wenn ich auf deutsch schreibe?

    Btw - Greeeg :)

    1. You're still not dead yet - isn`t that good :) I think Alice is alright. Tho I don`t want to have a pillow of her. Rather one of Greg - because he's so cute :3 isit okay if I write in german?

      Btw - Greeeg :)