Sunday, March 1, 2015

Ah! The Element of beating your enemy

In todays Webcomic Phil fights a Mustache
I am a tactical mastermind: FACT! So all in all the coolest character depicted in the past few weeks of comics is Deniz so WHY DOESN'T IT FEEL GOOD AT ALL?!
So yesterday was my birthday, hooray me, and I had a pleasently wonderful time to be honest, we played some board games with friends yesterday and today most of my family came over to eat cake and socialise and luckily my cousins are now old enough to be left unattended in my room with my playstation being on. They just sorta find out how to play the games on their own which is positively marvelous, I got to talk to my family which hasn't happened since they got kids and you know what? They're okay people!
I know right?! I didn't expect that either.



  1. Go Philip, go Philip, go go, go Philip!

  2. What board games does a Philip with one "L" play. Hmm..

    1. Mostly board games where you can act and/or roleplay and become as silly as possible. Or do as many sexual innuendos as possible. So... pretty much any game.

      Who would've known that Quikle would be such a racist game...