Sunday, March 15, 2015

why are you always so serious?

Alternate title: everyone who isn't Alice or Deniz is a dick in this comic.
First off, everything who isn't Alice in this comic is wrong! Maybe not Deniz because he's geniunely dying but everyone else is wrong! I like serious stories alright? I like love, drama and cheese and this could've been so much more!
Truth is I never intended it to get much more serious than last comic but after Philip seemed to hate it (he's gonna say he mildly disliked it and thought it was too serious but he's lying, he hated it) I thought that this intense turn for the silly was in order to appease him. I don't like that it's just a single tear rolling down Alice's face in panel two because she's not playing this, she was serious in her feelings.
Also, I've been addicted to Pokemon recently and I plan on catching them all!


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