Sunday, November 25, 2012

You can keep your inconsistencies

I haven't played either Revelations or assassins creed 3 yet so I would have no idea if Rebecca or Desmond die in those. Keep your mouth shut about their deaths or the ends of their storylines though because I'm very much planning on playing both those games, I just haven't bought them yet. I really liked the idea behind todays comic because the way that Assassins Creed basically works is just throw cool things at people and make them learn something while doing so, namely that every major historical assassination has been done by the same goddamn person. Seriously was Desmond Judas in one of his earlier lives? Did he kill Jesus because he was secretly a mormon? Oh god now I actually feel like that's the plottwist at the end of Ass Ass Creed 3...heh ass.

-adios,D. P.S.: I have no idea how to edit the text on the top with the new changes...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Women's wrongs

Now we heard a whole lot about how great women are in the past few years and it's all fun until the fat lady starts getting a reality tv show showing her and her chubby ass little kid but if we are all quite honest we have to adress one thing: Women are crazy and their bodies even more so. Thus I present to you todays comic filled with my own hatred towards that lingering thought in any woman's and parent's mind: I am cold and thus everyone else must be cold so they need to heat up! This thought occured to me recently as I was outside for a few hours with my father and I must admit that the weather was pretty cold but I had a shitton of clothes on so the word cold was just a memory hidden deep inside of my mind under pullover over pullover that held my body warm in this sweet cocoon of warmy goodness, and what does every woman around me instantly say? You must be cold!You should put on a scarf. If I was cold I would put on a scarf but there is no reason IN THE ENTIRETY OF HISTORY that makes you girls feeling cold give ME incentive to wear a scarf. The temperature of your body is not regulated through mine women of the world!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

I lied

Did I say I was gonna be funny this week? Because I wasn't gonna be funny this week y'know, I just wanted to set up for something big actually but that is far in the future and NEXT week I promise much much much more funny. Honestly though guys I really like this weeks comic and on that note I watched the new Spiderman on DVD today and also Dark Shadows. The note here is the I really like this part of the last sentence because honestly, Dark Shadows got a lot of shit but it was pretty darn funny and had a very interesting love story in it and Spiderman, at least in my opinion, was more interesting than the first three movies.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Planned in advance

Hah I was all like oh look at this new character and you believed me and now Striking Logic is actually our neighbour! was going kind of a different aproach in these past few comics with some more serious writing and some more storydriven things, while keeping a certain amount of humor but don't be afraid, that was just this arc I'm going back to very very silly stuff on the next few comics. I haven't been particularly funny recently for some reason but I promised myself to put more time into the comic and things surrounding the comic and you know how good I am at keeping promises and not procrastinating things!